How to unspoil your child.

Here's how to go about implementing the despoiling process

Parents obviously want the best for their children and want to give them the best they can but where is the line? When is it too much? What do you do if you realise that your kiddie is actually quite spoiled and you are worrying that this is having a negative effect on their attitude? There are ways around this and you can take little steps to un-spoil your child though it may be tough. Here are a few ways listed below…
  • Set rules- Before you suddenly stop buying your kiddie something (if you do it regularly) tell your child that things are changing so they are in full understanding even if they aren’t happy. Tell them there are new rules and that items will not be bought for no reason, give them a chance to ask questions and discuss but be firm!
  • Bribery isn’t allowed- If you are the type of parent who tells your child they can get something nice after school if they get ready for school properly than this will be a tough one. Bribing your kid is not going to gain you anything as your child needs to know when and where to behave and buying them things for good behaviour is expensive and it has to stop now rather than later.
  • Use charts for privileges- For younger kids having a chart is a great way for them to follow their progress so if they are good you can put a sticker on it and if they earn so many stickers in a week you can play a game together or a movie. Teach them that it isn’t about material things but that the gift of time is so much better for them and for your pocket too!
  • Explain to your child- Be clear from the get go about what you expect from your nipper and how things will go from here on in. Tell your kiddie that while you like buying them nice things it isn’t possible to do it all the time like you may have before and now these things have to be earned by doing chores or getting pocket money here and there.
  • Be ready for hiccups along the way- If your kid is used to getting their own way this will come as a major issue so be ready for tantrums and hold your ground well. Don’t be guilt tripped into buying something as your kid is so upset that is exactly what your child wants! Just keep at it and the days will go by and this new transition will get easier but consistency is key.
  • Think about implementing wish lists at home- If there is something your kiddie really wants start a wish list at home and put it on the fridge so you can tell your child that if it is their birthday they can get it if they like. Also maybe a grandparent who visits will want to gift your kid something and that is fine but it is imperative that your child learns about anticipation of a gift and the excitement of getting it after waiting so long for it.
  • The gift of time is so much more important than gifts that are thrown away in a few weeks, teach your child to appreciate things. It may take time but soon enough your child will have passed the un-spoiling process and it will be easier overall for you and for your child.
Written by Emma, Irish mummy blogger. Check out her own blog at

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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