How to Inspire your kids to do ANYTHING

Inspiring your kids is easier than you might think and here are a few tips that may help you too.

Life is hard sometimes and it is difficult to keep a positive attitude and show your kids to do the same. However, as a parent you should try and encourage them to be the best person they can be. Not just academically as not every child is academic but instead, a good person and one who strives to do the best they can at whatever task they take on.
Inspiring your kids is easier than you might think and here are a few tips that may help you too.
  • Encourage them- Your kids will always need some encouragement especially when they are young to set them on the right path. If you care about something your child will follow your lead and be thoughtful too.
  • Don’t pressure- There is a fine line between encouragement and pressure which you must find a balance to. No child, should feel overly pressured and this will only lead to stress and anxiety. Be encouraging but know when to back off as your child needs to learn to be self-motivated too.
  • Put inspiring quotes everywhere- Inspirational quotes are everywhere nowadays and they work well in improving a person’s mindset even for a small amount of time. Popping them around the house is a good idea and outside bedroom doors or the bathroom. If you are good you could try and remember some to recite throughout the day. Take negative moments and try and put them into positives.
  • Don’t berate bad results- Every child will have some bad results at some stage but going hard on them is not advised. Most kids will feel down about it themselves and won’t need the added grievance from you. Share your thoughts and ask them to try and do better but avoid shouting.
  • Be positive- As a family be positive and start the day with a smile. Be a family who looks for the best in any day and try not to let things bother you. Be proactive and problem solve if there are issues in a family. This will show your kids that positive thinking reaps rewards. Consider keeping a white board with things listed on it that are negative and one that lists positives, so everyone can see the balance. If school is a negative, then home would be a positive etc.
  • Be a good role model- If you are a person who is inspirational you should show your kid how you did it and why. Everyone has their reasons to be the way they are. Let your kid know that everyone must bounce back and no matter how hard times can be that you must never let a problem dictate your future. Your future is in your hands.
  • Meet inspiring people- Bring the kids to events with real life entrepreneurs or sporting heroes. People who have achieved great things but may not have always had it easy. Often people must fight to get to a position that is good and while kids see the success they never really understand the years of work to progress to that stage.
Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer with Family Friendly HQ


Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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