How to handle over-confident kids.

We want our kids to have some confidence but having a child who is too confident can be over-bearing at times.

Every parent wants their child to have some confidence but having a child who is too confident can be over-bearing at times. An over-confident child can rate themselves way too much, so much that they may push others away by being arrogant without even realising. Handling an over-confident kid takes a little bit of effort on your part and avoiding down beating their passion and resilience is key to getting the balance right. Here are a few tips on handling your over-confident child…
  • Teach them to respect others- A child that is overly confident will continuously rate themselves to others and be somewhat self-centred at times. They may choose to laugh at others lack of abilities and you will need to show them that it is important to be respectful of others. Remind them that everyone has their talents and passions but that doesn’t make them any less of a person, not everyone is great at everything and that is ok. 
  • Encourage them to modest about their capabilities- Sure, your child may be the best ball player or the fastest runner but when being congratulated they should be a little modest and thank people for their kind words. Your child should be encouraged to smile and respond with the fact that they worked hard instead of saying that they were by far the best! Having this attitude will prevent your child from being known as a “big head” and no one (not even your child) needs that hassle. 
  • Remind them to never under estimate others- When over confidence rears its head it can be easy for your child to rebuff any other competition or think themselves too good for the opposition. This isn’t the attitude a young person should have and you must work towards getting your child to be “a good sportsman” kind, a  healthy confident person but modest too.
  • Though they may be talented they should be a role model for others- Remind your child that their talents are incredible as you don’t want to demean them but that this means they should be a role model for the future little ones who look up to your child. They should be fair, patient and friendly without the ego of a top celebrity! 
  • Tell them the truth that self-praise is no praise-  Your child may do great at things but going on about it themselves is of no benefit. Tell them to accept praise like a pro and not go on and on about themselves coming across as obnoxious or cocky. 
  • Challenge your child- If your child is over-confident challenge them with different tasks to remind them of practicing and how to build on their abilities. Pit them against strong opposition and don’t allow them to become complacent in what they do or soon they will lose interest altogether for it being too easy. 
  • Communicate openly with your child and keep them grounded- If your child is being cocky; tell them! Be honest and tell them that while they are brilliant that they shouldn’t forget who they are. 
Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer at Family Friendly HQ

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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