How To Enjoy A Wedding When Bringing Your Kids

Family occasions, like a wedding, can be a lot of stress when you're bringing your kids, and that is even before you leave the house.

Family occasions, like a wedding, with kids can be a lot of stress and that is even before you leave the house. Getting the kids organised- making sure they have the right clothes and ensuring they are all was and presentable - can take days!
There are a few things you probably need to do and here are some tips:
Make sure you plan for the event. Weddings are long affairs so do ask for a little more detail when it comes to the reception and what time dinner is, for example. It's usually on the invitation but if not, ask. 
Organise the hours beforehand
It isn’t easy getting a whole family ready and there will be arguments as tempers flare when you are under pressure. Have the kid’s baths done the night before and wash hairs etc. If it suits you better, consider getting your hair done professionally as it will be the last thing you will get time for. 
Bring everything needed
Anticipate your children needs as they may dirty their clothes, they may wreck their shoes and they may get sick! Have everything you need including a change of clothes, medicine, food and snacks, drinks, spare socks and comfy runners. Kids that are uncomfortable will become totally moody. Don’t forget extras of everything especially if your kids are younger.
Pack a few bits
Packing a few things like colouring books, dolls, action figures and other things your kids love, will help. If you are considering devices make sure that you pack headphones! Kids love new stuff too so invest in new crayons, books or little toys that will instantly have their attention.
Consider travel and times
It may be that the wedding is down the road but if it isn’t you will need to consider travelling and times. If you have a baby this is a great opportunity for them to nap but if your kids are older this is a great opportunity for them to argue with their siblings!
Be aware of the schedules
Your kids have a schedule and even though it is a family occasion they probably won't be fine going three hours over bedtime. They’ll be happy enough while playing but once tiredness hits in you will need to get them to bed. Equally, you need to get them their dinner at the time they usually have it or have snacks to keep them going. Also, note how the food may not be something your kids like and you may need to buy them food yourself that they’ll eat.
Take photos early!
Before you leave the house and once you arrive at your destination this is the best time to get photos. It is before the tiredness hits in and when you all look sparkling. If anyone is not in the mood, simply park the idea for later.
Take a walk and explore-
Your kids will probably not like being inside all day and if it is nice outside put aside some time to go for a wander. The air will do everyone good and if you aren’t able to do it yourself ask a friend or family member to bring the kids out. Usually, everyone takes it in turns or book a babysitter in the hotel who will take all the stress away.
Book a hotel room on site
This may or may not be an option, however, if it is, do try to book a room in the hotel. It is somewhere you can escape to at times and if you have your own babysitter you can let them take the children to bed.
Emma Hayes is a thirty-something mum of two girls aged 16 and 10, planting her right into the teenage and tween-age years! Follow her on Twitter at @EmmaHayes25.

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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