Here's the key to a successful Christmas eve

It's nearly nicer than Christmas day

Everyone wants Christmas Eve to be extremely special and there are lots of things you can do to make it a memorable day. Here we have put together a definitive list of things you should do to ensure Christmas Eve is an amazing one…
Visit family and friends- It is lovely when you can visit family and friends on Christmas Eve if you aren’t going to be seeing them on the day itself. Everywhere you go people will be smiling, laughing and drinking and eating treats so the kids will love the experience. Family is exactly what it is all about!
  • Prepare for Christmas Day- Let the kids help prepare the turkey, ham or stuffing. Let them play a part in what you eat on Christmas Day and let them enjoy the aroma that Christmas prepping does! Play some Christmas music too and if you are feeling brave get the kids to do a Christmas dessert and bond over baking! 
  • Do a Christmas Eve box for the kids in the evening- A Christmas box doesn’t have to be some exceptionally expensive thing, instead you can create your own with a shoe box and some wrapping paper. Then, add some hot chocolate, mallows, treats and of course, festive pjs! Some people get handmade cups or Santa treats too. You can even add in some movies to watch. Either way the kids will be utterly delighted!
  • Go into town and see the lights while drinking festive inspired hot chocolate- Christmas Eve brings joy and it is bustling around the streets so get yourself into the thick of it and enjoy every minute. The music, the smells and the people all make it unforgettable and enjoyable. 
  • Get excited- If you want your kids to be excited you must be excited too! Start by waking them up severely early (this will help to them get asleep for Santa). Dance around and be silly! For Christmas, it is vital that you be happy and enjoy every minute, so your kids can. They’ll soak up your happiness and will be bouncing with you! 
  • Play music and dance around- Christmas music must be played, and you must dance to it too! Include the kids and prance around like no one is watching because who cares anyway?! Christmas is here!!
  • Don’t do any work and give the kids your full attention- Step away from the phones and give your nippers your full attention for the Christmas. It only comes once a year and putting away work or not scrolling Facebook is not a big deal. Facebook should be banned at Christmas, family is more important. 
  • Make the evening magical- Get the pjs on, have a warm bath, light scented candles and get all the goodies together before watching a movie! Snuggle up and forget all your troubles and enjoy every single minute of respite and joy that Christmas brings. It is only one day a year and should be remembered forever and it will be succesful!
Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer at Family Friendly HQ


Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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