Helping your child to build their character

There is so much you can do to influence your childs character for later years

Parents want their kids to be mannerly, well behaved and kind to all that they meet in their lives and it is always good to think about your child’s character and how to respond to problems and situations.
Building your child’s character isn’t hard and while a lot of it is down to their own personality there are some things you can do to help to shape your child’s character. 
Be a good role model- Your kid will copy your character somewhat and therefore being a good role model matters so much to your child’s future personality. Your child will care about things you care about and they will treat people in the same way you treat others so ensure you show your kid the way to do things correctly. 
  • Let them discuss things and have an opinion- You don’t always have to agree with your child but letting them voice their own opinion means they will not fall to peer pressure in the future from fear of been ridiculed. It may not be an opinion you agree with but letting your child have the assertion to want to discuss their thoughts is a great part of having a good character and feeling articulate enough to show it. 
  • Show them how to behave responsibly- Responsibility comes in time and it isn’t something that can be forced and each child develops at that own pace. However, giving them things to do alone and building up to bigger things will enforce a sense of responsibility. Once you child realises they get treated maturely when they are responsible your child should continue to do so. 
  • Respect people- A person of good character is a person who stands behind people and supports others. The type of person who is well-liked and well thought of due to their respect and acceptance of anyone from any background. A respectful person will never be lonely. 
  • Remind them to be happy in their own skin- Kids these days’ struggle to find their own identity and to be who they want to be but you can show them how liking yourself is vital to happiness. As your kids get older it is harder for them to feel comfortable in their skin but you can provide them with the support they need. 
  • Be patient and let them learn, even if they make mistakes- You cannot shield your kids from everything in life and nor should you want to. They need to learn how to problem solve, make mistakes, and bounce back appropriately. 
  • Show values and a sense of integrity- Values are important for any child or person to have and watching you show integrity means your nipper will follow suit. 
  • Believe in yourself- Kids should believe that they can do anything they want in life and can be whoever they want to be if they work hard. A sense of belief means your child will be optimistic, positive and this attitude is infectious. People want to surround themselves with happy and pro-active people so your child (with their good character) should have a happy future.
Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer for Family Friendly HQ

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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