Don't Forget You Can Donate Your Lockdown Haircuts To Charity

Looking to get a fresh bob while also helping out people in need? Here's how you can do so - it's easier than you might think.

Donating to charity is something that we all do. Whether it's our loose change, or our monthly direct debit to our chosen charity, or to the local charity shop with clothes we no longer need. But have you ever thought of donating something you carry around with you every day? Yes, you can donate your haircuts to charity in Ireland.

Before you think about getting the chop after what has been the longest year ever, you might consider donating your lovely locks to a charity in need. There are ways you can do your bit across the country, just make sure to read all of the requirements before doing so. Here's how you can do your bit with your gruaig.

The Rapunzel Foundation

The Rapunzel Foundation helps those who are living with hair loss and alopecia. For this charity, your chopped hair will have to be at least 14 inches long, with no chemicals having touched your hair in the past five years. Then all you need to do is go onto their website (here) and look through their list of salons that do a free haircut for charity. After you've got yourself a new do, take your hair home from the salon and send it off to their postal address in Wexford. Simple.

Little Princess Trust

The UK charity provides real hair and synthetic wigs to children and young people up to the age of 24. They are suffering from hair loss due to alopecia and cancer treatment. Donated hair can already have been dyed (but not to an unnatural colour), with a minimum length of 7 inches (however they are particularly in need of hair that is at least 12 inches or more). Although UK-based, the charity has often given wigs to people in Ireland. For more information and how to send your luscious locks, visit their website (here).

What better way to celebrate your new do than by donating your haircuts to charity in Ireland and the UK?

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