February Style Advice - Seeing Out Winter In Style

February is a difficult time of the year style-wise. The shops are setting up for Spring/Summer and yet it’s still Winter for us, and often February can be colder than January.

So while you still need to wrap up, with the evenings getting longer and the increased daylight heralding better days to come, you can still see out Winter in style by following some of these tips.

Layer up.

Ski underwear is a great option for underneath your main clothing. You can get fairly good quality options from the German supermarkets at a good price - stay warm without the sweat factor.

Other base layers can be fleece tights or thermal t-shirts. Fleece tights under a slip skirt are a good way to transition from Winter to spring but you may need to use an anti-static spray before you head outdoors.

Oversized scarves and wraps over coats add an extra degree of warmth when you are out and about. Then you can ditch the coat when you go indoors and leave the scarf on as an extra layer. Same goes for ponchos.

Try over the knee boots over skinny jeans as well as with midi dresses and skirts or even shorts.  A chunky sweater with any of those bottoms and a belted coat will complete the look

Rail of clothes in a shop window.
Shops are setting up for Spring/Summer and yet often February can be colder than January.

The ultimate neck-warmer.

Wear polo necks under everything. Polo necks can be worn under dresses, shirts, knitwear, boiler suits and also look great with all types of skirts. 2018 was definitely the year of the skirt and there appears to be no sign of the emphasis on skirts fading this year.

Get your faux fur on.

A faux fur gilet or jacket over a midi dress or a long-sleeved top with jeans enables you to embrace some of the Spring/Summer offerings but still stay warm. You can wear fake fur with just about anything to give your outfit an instant upgrade. Throw on a fur gilet or stole over your winter coat, or find cool fur accent pieces like fur collars or even fur mittens to liven up your winter outfits.

Keep a lid on it.

A large amount of body heat is lost through the head so donning a hat makes good sense and also can finish off your look nicely. Bobble hats are universally fashionable but there are loads of other options from berets to beanies, to trapper hats.

Hats are also ideal for those bad hair days when you just want to hide your bed hair or don’t have time to wash or style your hair.

Invest in a coatigan.

A coatigan is a hybrid between a coat and a cardigan and can provide a substitute for either depending on the temperature. If it's colder, wear a coatigan instead of a cardigan and if it’s warmer, opt for a coatigan instead of a coat. It’s the perfect transition piece to have ready in your February wardrobe.

Mary Holmes

Image Consultant and Personal Shopper based in Dublin. Works with men and women of all age groups as well as organisations and businesses.

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