The Storage Solutions You Need To Know About

Every home could do with a bit of extra storage, and this especially true if you have kids in the house. Here are some storage solutions that may help.

Though your home may be of ample size, the need for storage never goes away, especially when you have kids. Storage solutions can make a space look a lot tidier and neater - here are a few things you need to know about storage solutions: 

Storage solutions don’t have to be expensive  

It is great if you have a good budget to start with or want a certain room to be fitted with storage solutions but in a lot of cases, people buy storage for all over the house. There are plenty of different solutions and it depends on the theme of the room and how big the room is. The best thing to do is to start with a budget and consider how much storage you need.  

Be creative  

The best storage solutions are the ones that are truly creative, so look at the room you are implementing some storage into and get creative! For bedrooms, some people buy a headboard with storage or they install shelves on the bedroom walls.  Shelves may not cover all the storage you need but they look nice and are ideal for showing off trinkets or ornaments.

If your under-the-stairs space is an absolute mess, consider investing in either some under-the-stairs storage like shelves, containers or revamp the whole space by building a perfectly fitted storage area for under the stairs. Win!

Bookcase in a sunlit room.
The best storage solutions are the ones that are truly creative.

Hidden storage  

Shoes can be an awful nuisance but not if you buy a shoe rack that is hidden or pulls out. This is ideal for busy families and if you have a nice carpet you may prefer people taking off their shoes in your home so a hidden shoe rack will do the job.  

The same goes for nice cupboards and drawer sets in a room - they can look lovely but are for storage only. No one needs to know what is hidden behind them!  

Go square and flat  

Square storage containers work better as you are using the best of the space you have free. For under the beds, square and thin storage containers works well, and it is ideal for putting things you don’t need away. This is something you can do in all the bedrooms and maximise the space under the beds to hide away things you don’t need all the time.  

Pick the type  

Storage doesn’t have to be beautiful. For example, the garage may be ok with steel or chrome shelves that are strong but may not look very pretty. Kids rooms can be decked out with plastic and coloured containers that are easily cleaned and for living rooms, ottomans are a great addition – if they go with your living room theme.  

Luckily, ottomans come in lots of different shapes and sizes with an array of material finishes so chances are you’ll get what you are looking for. For radiators, there are radiator covers that can act as a shelf too and they make a room look a lot fancier too.  

Have fun with your storage buying!

Laura Doyle

Mum of four, Gentle parent living on coffee and trying always to stay positive and motivate in the midst of the madness.

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