Everything You Need To Do With Your Kids Before They Grow Up

It's true what they say, kids really do grow up so quickly. It's so important to not take their youth for granted and enjoy every moment. 

Parenting makes you worry about everything that must be done instead of taking a little rest and paying attention to the things that matter.  

As parents, we pay attention to how clean the house is and if the bathroom needs updating but the most important thing is enjoying your children while you can. They grow up and before you know it, the things you loved doing aren’t an option with your kids anymore.  

Teenagers notoriously like to spend time with their friends more and when your kids are younger, they love nothing more than spending time with you. Take advantage of that.  

Here is everything you need to do with your kids before they grow up. 

Go on a bear hunt

OK, you may not find bears, but your child will enjoy going through a forest hoping to find one. The back to nature is a great way to knock out the cobwebs and enjoy the best of the outdoors. Who knows, you may find a pet while out and about!  

Look for bugs and pick flowers

Most parents hate their kids collecting flowers or looking for bugs, especially if they bring them into the house, but they won’t do this forever. Don’t berate your kiddie for bringing in little bugs and teach them to love all creatures, however silly they may be. Take to the garden and search with them to make it more fun. 

Play chasing and hide and seek 

Simple games and simple fun. Spending time running around the garden is fun and your kids will love to chase and play hide and seek. When they are older, they’ll run to get away from you so enjoy these times. The giggles will be endless! 

Girl standing in a field holding a flower.
Don’t berate your kiddie for bringing in little bugs and teach them to love all creatures.

Read stories 

Again, it is one of those things you’ll only do for a short while, so take the time to read your nippers stories and have these memories of you doing that. Phones and technology are taking over, but we shouldn’t forget the fundamentals of life and how important it is to chat and communicate. Reading stories allows for ‘one on one’ time and it encourages a love of reading. 

Draw pictures on the pavement in chalk 

It’s silly but great fun and kids love it when big people sit with them and do things that they think they are only good at. On a summer’s day, you could spend ages decorating the pavement with your child. 

Play board games and puzzles

Simple but fun and so much better than tablets and apps. Kids learn how to play with others by playing board games and puzzles. The collaboration helps them understand the need to share and help one another.  

Cuddle every single day

We can forget how much love children need when we are busy. It is important to keep those bedtime kisses and cuddles going as you’ll be getting the door slammed in your face soon enough!  Enjoy every moment. 

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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