Communion coming up? 11 quick tips to keep you on track

Its such a special day in your child's life and a great opportunity to bring family and friends together

Communion season is nearly upon us and soon enough the little cherubs will be putting on their glad rags for their big day. While it is a happy and memorable occasion it is can sometimes be stressful for parents with all the organising and planning that goes into making their nippers day extra special. Here at Family Friendly HQ we are experienced in all things communion related and have put together some tips so it can be a wonderful day for you and your family.
  • Budget plan- Before you plan your child’s communion party you need to set a realistic budget and stick to it! Communion aren’t cheap and the last thing you will need is a big credit card bill looming over you so best to spend what you have and not what you don’t have. 
  • Plan and write lists- You can never plan enough and you can never have too many lists as they will save you from chaos. Get the guest list, get an idea of food planning and what you want to do afterwards. List any decorations, favours or clothes for all the family as all these things will add up so best to have yourself ahead of the game!
  • Invite family and friends giving them plenty of notice- Once you have the date for the communion be sure to invite friends and family so they can book the day off and be there. Also it is advised that you give yourself two hours (at least) in the church so ensure you invite guest to your chosen after party location around two or so hours after the ceremony starts. 
  • Go shopping- This is the fun or not so fun part depending on your child, hit the shops and get all the bits and bobs needed. Don’t forget to have some cake after as you will deserve it!
  • Let grandparents or godparents play a part- Let your child’s grandparents and godparents play a part in their big day in any way that they would like to given that you are happy with that. Let them buy your child’s shoes, prayer book or chalice, these things all add up but having a few people buying certain bits will really help you. 
  • Book caterers, rooms, bouncy castles or photographers- If you need any professional services book them as early as possible and ensure you use one that comes highly recommended however it is also very possible to have a lovely day without booking any of these.
  • Test out the clobber before the big day- It is always wise to have a test run with hair and the clothes before the communion in case something doesn’t fit or what not. Kids do grow extremely fast. 
  • Finalise numbers a few days before- Send out a text a few days before to finalise your numbers as paying for food for people who don’t show is an added expense and not one that anyone wants. 
  • Ask for help- Gather up all the baker friends, the artistic types or the floral geniuses and ask them for their help. All hands should be on deck and offer to help anyone in the future as thanks for doing you this turn now. 
  • Have the camera ready to go- Have the batteries ready or have the camera charged and do this before the communion, as imagine the madness if the camera is dead come the communion morning?!
  • Have fun- Have fun, enjoy every minute and saviour the moment with friends and family. And most importantly ensure your kiddie has the time of their life as it is their day after all! 
Good luck X
Written by Emma, staff writer with and Irish mummy blogger. Check out her own blog at


Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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