The Best Gift Ideas For A New Mum

Choosing a gift for a new mum can be tricky, especially if you haven't entered the wacky and wonderful world of parenting just yet. 

While rewarding, being a new mum can be very overwhelming and exhausting, and if you're anything like I was after delivering my babies you will spend the first two weeks on bed rest, healing and getting to know your precious little bundle.

So if you're looking for the perfect gift for the new mama in your life to make her feel super special, you have come to the right place.

Here are some unique and meaningful gift ideas that go beyond the usual presents from blankets to onesies because let's face it, we end up with stockpiles of baby clothes and a majority of the time, baby never get a chance to wear half of them.

Food delivery

Nothing brings me more joy in the days following delivering my baby when friends and family dropped by with hot dinners and food hampers of fresh milk, bread and other essentials. It took away the pressure of worrying about cooking meals and shop visits meaning I could stay tucked up in a warm house with my newborn. 

Pretty PJs

Looking after a newborn in the very early days involves lots of cuddling and mum will need lots of stretchy and comfy clothes. Why not spoil her by letting her do it in style with some cosy loungewear or maybe even a luxurious robe.

The gift of time

So simple and won't cost you a dime. Do the washing up, take out the hoover and help out with any general household chores. She will be forever grateful and may return the favour when you need it most.

Cleaner or laundry voucher

If you don't have time to spare to give a dig out on housework this gift might just throw her over the edge. Book a cleaner for a couple of hours or consider buying her a laundry voucher. All the rage these days, they even collect and drop back your clean folded laundry. It's absolutely genius. 

Keep her awake

Long nights nursing means momma will need all the help she can get to function throughout the day. Consider a coffee subscription box where she can sample various different roasts from around the world. 

The Best Gift Ideas For A New Mum
Looking after a newborn in the very early days involves lots of cuddling and mum will need lots of stretchy and comfy clothes.

Keep her coffee warm

Pick up a spill-proof insulated keep cup so she won't have to reheat her coffee 10 times a day -  a gift that is not only wonderful for the environment on days out but one she will always be grateful for. 

Voucher for take-out

The last thing I wanted to be doing after delivering any of my babies was cooking. Give her the gift of a hot meal, bonus points if it's her favourite takeaway. 

Newborn photoshoot

A photoshoot plus prints can prove costly especially for a professional photographer who works closely with babies. This would make a great sharing gift between a few friends or family members. 

Spa voucher

Pamper her with a voucher for a pedicure, massage or even a facial for when she's feeling up to it and as an added bonus you could even offer to mind the baby.

TV subscription

Who doesn't love a Netflix binge? Enough said.

All the snacks

Box up a week's worth of yummy snacks for mum to munch on when she's on the go or during long nursing sessions. Think Hobnobs, popcorn and all the chocolate. She will love you forever, I promise. 

Nappies and wipes

Having babies is an expensive business. Help take some of the financial burdens away by buying a months supply of nappies and wipes. It always helps if you find out what brands the new mum prefers because you might even find out she's using cloth nappies.

What are your favourite gift ideas for a new mum?


Kellie Kearney

Kellie Kearney is a Dublin mammy of five kids aged newborn right up to nine. She loves coffee, cloth nappies, travel and sharing her every day true to life family moments on Instagram.

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