9 tips to make parenting run smoother

Here are a few things to consider regarding parenting…

Parenting can be made easier with a few simple tips and while it doesn’t mean parenting will suddenly become easy, it should help you. 
Here are a few things to consider regarding parenting…
  • Boost your kid’s self-esteem- Your child should always feel content and happy. For a child to feel positive about life, it starts with having a good self-esteem. A lonely kid will feel low and you should encourage your child to make friends and help them socialise as these are natural boosters of confidence and self-esteem.
  • Praise your children but be genuine- Praise your kid, of course, but stop short of praising them for things that do not deserve praise. Kids will know if you are lying in your appraisals and stating that they are the “best”at everything isn’t advised. Praise when they deserve it and be honest about it.
  • Catch the kids behaving well- Parent’s often notice the children when they are misbehaving and give them attention only then. However, it is better to recognise their good behaviour and compliment them on it. Kid’s will than learn how good behaviour is noticed and complimented on so they may leave the disorderly moments for when they are mad rather than to gain attention from a busy parent.
  • Make time for your youngsters- You can give your kids all the gifts in the world and yes, they would love it but buying them things for your absence is not a good idea. The greatest gift you can give your children is your time and full attention, so take them out or play games at home.
  • Set boundaries and remain consistent- Decide how you want to parent your kid’s and stay true to it even when faced with stubborn kids. Remain consistent about your expectations of your child and how you discipline your child. Avoid backing down as once you do your child will lose even a tiny amount of respect and this will only dwindle in time.
  • Take time for you too- The kids are important but you should always look after yourself to be able to parent well. If you need a break, get one and ask for help. Once you are re-fuelled and refreshed you will be a better parent for it.
  • Communicate and stay close- Take time every day to chat to the nippers and see what is going on in their lives. If they are in school they are hours away from you and should be able to say how things are going.
  • Encourage independence- Independence is vital for kids and you should encourage them to do things for themselves, teach them how to walk across road,  show them how to prepare some food and how to pack their school bags. This will instil a responsible side to your kid which is needed for the future teenage years.
  • Love them unconditionally- Never say things to your child that you don’t mean though it is easy to get annoyed and lash out, words last forever. Show love even when mad and remind your kid that you are mad at their behaviour but still love them unconditionally.
And there you have it!
Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer with FamilyFriendly HQ

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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