9 lies we all tell our kids

They are only white lies but, admit it, you are guilty of saying some of these!

Until I had kids I would have prided myself on being a very honest person, but now it seems I can’t get through the day without telling a fib! Granted they are only little lies and are usually used to get past the endless struggle of Parent Versus Child (stubborn child I might add)!
Now, before you judge me as being a liar, read the list below and I guarantee there is not one parent that can say they haven’t said one of these. Go on I dare you!
  • “If you keep picking your nose it will fall off”. This doesn’t put them off sticking their finger up there to dig around! 
  • “If you go out with a wet head of hair you will catch a cold”. I remember my Nana saying this to me and I laughed it off as I was a hard core teenager! Now I’m saying it to my children and they gawp at me and trot on. It is much easier when they are young and gullible, bless them!
  • “We’ll come back another time”. Ah no we won’t, because the toys are ridiculously overpriced. In fact, I will do whatever in my power to make sure I avoid this store at all cost, never again having to drag your little body out of here squealing and crying!!
  • “Show me your tongue if it’s black I know you are lying” Oh this is hilarious, having a child say “I promise Mammy see my tongue isn’t black” and proceeds to stick out tongue for investigation! As long as they don’t check mine we are all good.
  • “If you don’t clean up those toys I will throw them out” Well maybe throwing them out is extreme, however I will take them away and hide them till you learn to tidy up! Who am I kidding? Just give them the toys and leave them on the floor, get used to walking and stamping on cars and dolls!
  • “If you swallow gum it will get stuck in your gut” My Mother terrified me with this one, so much I think it’s true or is it? I’m confused! 
  • “If the wind changes you will stay like that” While it is lovely seeing you pulling those hilarious funny faces, it has now been twenty minutes and I can no longer laugh about it! So stop now!
  • “They are all gone” I honestly have no idea how that Easter egg disappeared, are you sure you didn’t eat it already? Sure, they get too many eggs anyway and I was just clearing out the fridge!
  • “It’s Bedtime” Hmm it might be a tad earlier than usual, but I was up at 5am with you and I’m about to fall down from chasing you around all day! When you can tell the time, you can argue the point, but for now off to bed! Nighty night sweet one. 
How did you do? 
You see we are a bunch of fibbers! Let it be our little secret. SSSHHHH!!!!!
Written by, Emma Staff Writer at Family Friendly HQ

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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