8 ways to spoil yourself! Before the kids break up for summer holidays.

If you are in need of some 'me time' take the opportunity 

With less than a month till our nippers break up for summer holidays, now is the time to think about a little pampering for yourself. The summer months can be long and with any free time filled with trips to the park or lazy days watching films with your little ones. What will be forgotten is “you” and while you still have a few weeks before the kids break up for summer spoil yourself now with a few of these ideas. 
  • Have a fancy lunch with friends- Get those glad rags on and hit the town and spoil your taste buds in the fanciest restaurant you can afford, and savour every single mouthful. Before long it will be back to ham sandwiches, juice boxes and petit filous for the kids while you struggle to find the time to eat!  
  • Go to the salon and get the whole hog (nails, hair and waxing). - Get the nails in tip top shape, the hair beautified and wax away the rough edges! You will literally skip out of the salon and enjoy this time because it may be the last pamper session before September.
  • Drop the kids to school and go back to bed (if you can!)- Who cares if the house is a mess or there are a pile of dishes in the sink, pop on the pyjamas and of to bed you go. The kids won’t know you headed off to the land of nod and the spring in your step later in the day will benefit the kiddies when you are raring to go!
  • Spend a few hours’ clothes shopping- Even if you are not exactly flash with the money, take a few hours and browse the shelves for a bargain. Shopping with kiddies in tow doesn’t exactly have the same shine as shopping alone like pretty woman! If only you had a rich benefactor!
  • Take a relaxing stroll- You may walk regularly but usually because you are rushing to get somewhere, now pop in the earphones and take a stroll. Some tranquil music in the background will allow you to unwind and do not power walk, the key thing here is a walk that is peaceful.
  • Get a night away with your partner- Book a cheap hotel and get a much deserved night away without the little nippers. It doesn’t have to be overly posh and just go wherever is within your own budget, spend some time together in peace. The summer months will be hectic and amidst all the chaos you may not get any private time with your partner so be sure to put this on the priority list.
  • Laze on the sofa and watch T.V for a few hours- Catch up on all the programs you miss regularly because you know once the kids are at home you will have to wait your turn to get control of the remote. 
  • Read a book- Sit yourself down and read a book in peace for a few hours you may even finish it in a day if not disturbed?! Distractions at home can prohibit you from reading regularly except for before bed so get the summer reads out now sooner rather than later.
Summer holidays will be here soon and it may be tough but following these tips you may feel prepared. Let’s hope the weather is good and we can all enjoy the time together as a family, September will be around soon enough anyway. 
Written by Irish mummy blogger and staff writer at  www.familyfriendlyhq.ie 
Check out her blog emmasmadjotters.com


Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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