8 Things I No Longer Care About Since Becoming A Mother

Because priorities change so much once baby arrives

Isn't it amazing how things that once seemed so important to you simply disappear from all existence when you have a child. 
It's not that you don't care. You just don't have the time to remember that you care. 
Here are some of the things I no longer care about since having children. 
  • Ironing. I used to kind of enjoy it on some level. Nowadays it is so far down my list of priorities that I genuinely buy clothes now based on whether or not I can get away with not ironing them.
  • Matching socks. I've resigned myself to the fact that if they are both clean then I am winning at life.
  • Cooking shows. If the choice is between eating or watching someone else eating I know what I'm going to choose.
  • What Kim Kardashian had for breakfast. My obsession with the lives of celebrities has done a total 360. I'd rather read about, watch and connect with normal women who make me feel sane in my imperfections. 
  • High heels. This is not a “letting yourself go” type of thing. I just think life is too short to spend a much needed night out in pain. In my pre-mother years I could work through the pain and managed to fake it quite well. These days I'm all about the boots, comfort and enjoy every moment of a rare night out.
  • If himself leaves the toilet seat up. In fact I nearly encourage it these days. One too many incidents where it slammed in the middle of the night and the noise woke up the baby. (Did I really just write that?)
  • Ads on the TV. Ain't nobody got time for that. The fast-forward button is my best friend.
  • Carefully selecting my wine. These days I am easily pleased. Wine is wine. 

Written by Tracey, mummy blogger and staff writer with www.familyfriendlyhq.ie
Check out her own blog at love-of-living.blogspot.ie

Tracey Quinn

Proud mum of two who got married on Don't Tell The Bride and had an accidental home-birth (loves a good story). She's passionate about breastfeeding, positive thinking & all things cosy.

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