8 Reasons parent love the summer holidays

While we may struggle to keep the kids entertained at times there are some fab benefits to the summer holidays

Summer holidays are upon us and it fills many parents with utter dread fretting about how to keep their youngsters occupied. Sure it can be hard work having these little nippers around us all the time however there are a few advantages to the kiddies being on summer holidays. Here are a few to make you feel better!
  • No early morning starts- The alarm clocks can be unset and the countless times you have to shout at your kids to get up will be forgotten. For now letting them sleep on is utter bliss while you have a cuppa tea in peace before the brood awakens and chaos ensues.
  • No tedious school lunches- School lunches are one of the most tedious tasks to do as a parent and there is only so many ideas you can come up with to keep the lunches interesting and tasty! Jam, ham and chocolate spread sandwiches are a thing of the past as it is all about paninis and wraps when the kids are at home.
  • No homework- Let’s face it, parent dread homework even more than they kids so a whole 8 weeks homework free is bliss. 
  • No buying supplies for school- A day doesn’t go by that one of your offspring needs something for school, and boy does it cost a lot! Money for art, trips, photos and funds for the school, you might as well let the kids control your bank card. 
  • No strict routine and structure- Embrace the madness and let the kids run free and have fun just for the summer anyway! School term is all about strict routines and structure but everyone needs a break and this is a perfect time to slack off and relax. 
  • No sitting indoors for hours on end- As great as school is for our kiddies it does mean a lot of time indoors learning and only a small amount of time is spent outside. Added with homework and studying coming into the winter months your nippers will barely see the light of day! Summer though is different and the days are long and the tots can literally spend all the day running around, climbing and being as free as a bird.
  • Get to devote free time to the kiddies- Sure the youngsters may drive you mad some days but they grow up so fast and it is just lovely to spend quality time with them. Now when you are free the kids are free so you can fill up the days with games indoors or outdoor activities. 
  • No bedtime routine- By the time your kids are going to bed they will be so knackered (after a day of fun) that they will fall into bed without any hesitations or complaints. Term time of course bed time has to be akin to a ritual but for the summer there is no rush and let them play away as it is good for them! 
By all means no one is suggesting summer is without its difficulties but if we all just chilled out and allowed ourselves to relax like the kids, it might actually be the best summer yet. X 
Written by Irish mummy blogger and staff writer at  www.familyfriendlyhq.ie 
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Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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