8 Christmas traditions that Irish parents love

Is it even Christmas if you don't do these things

Christmas is a very commercial time of year. We know that and we've actually made peace with it for the most part. The really special moments at this time of year tend to relate to traditions. Rituals that have been part of your family for as long as you can remember. Things that are simply a given. That remain just as enjoyable and anticipated for regardless of the age you are. 
It's never a bad time to start a new tradition. Creating some of your own is probably top of your list since becoming a parent or falling pregnant. It's a really special thing to know that you can create something out of nothing and chances are it will become something really beautiful for years to come. 
Here are some Christmas traditions that we love. Some we are doing already and some we might just adopt this year. 
  • The Christmas Eve Feast. A tradition whereby you and your immediate family have a night of lovely food and lots of treats the night before Christmas. Think cheese boards, fancy mince pies and Pjs being mandatory. The house is ready for Santa and it's finally time to relax after the madness of shopping, cleaning, wrapping and stressing.
  • A Day In Town. An annual trip in to town for a hot chocolate and to look at “the lights”. It's not a day for shopping – though a few sneaky purchases are often made. It's about getting together with the people you love and soaking up the Christmas vibe in your town.
  • Going To A Panto. This one happens even if there are no small kids around. It's a family tradition that everyone loves.... “oh no they don't”.
  • Shoe Box Appeal. What a lovely tradition this is. Getting the kids and whole family involved in giving to those less fortunate. It's a real eye-opener and focuses on the joy of giving rather than receiving. We love sharing this one with the kids.
  • Sitting down to “go through the RTE guide”. THE guide. The much anticipated Christmas TV guide that people go absolutely nuts for. Reading it from cover to cover highlighting what you simply have to see. For many this is the real beginning of Christmas.
  • 12 Pubs. OK so this one isn't child friendly and for many it's more like the three or four pubs of Christmas but it's nice for Mammy and Daddy to get out for the night and have a Christmas tipple with the gang.
  • The Toy Show. We're not sure how much of it we actually watch but the absolute excitement of this one. It's for adults and children alike. It involves an obnoxious amount of sweets (and a little wine for the adults), matching Pjs and you ALWAYS end up crying. We think this year's show was the best to date! Well done Tubs.
  • A Dip in The Irish Sea. As you do like. For many people this is a fundamental for Christmas. Ditching the warm Pjs for a freezing cold dip in the Atlantic Ocean. Hoards of people do it every single year! 
Written by Tracey Quinn, staff writer at Family Friendly HQ

Tracey Quinn

Proud mum of two who got married on Don't Tell The Bride and had an accidental home-birth (loves a good story). She's passionate about breastfeeding, positive thinking & all things cosy.

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