6 things I will NEVER do for my children

As much as we love our kids, saying yes is just not always possible

I love my kids more than I could ever love anyone else or anything in this world but there are things I will do for them and things that I won’t do. Call me harsh but while my kids are just that “Kids” they are also at an age when they can be responsible and they also understand how the world works (or at least as much as they can.) This is why I won’t pander to their every demand and these are the things I won’t do for my kids. 
  • Give into their whining- Whining or moaning are a big no no in our house and no one gets what they want by whining. Sure you can have an off day but don’t expect to get a treat after dinner if you whined all afternoon. 
  • Make them meals after dinner- I make dinner every day, on the odd occasion we would have a treat takeaway but otherwise I cook. Not only do I cook to suit all the likes and dislikes I also bake during the week and I feel that is enough. Once the dinner is over I will not make my kid another meal if they didn’t eat their dinner, I will offer them bread or a yogurt but not another meal. Dinner time came and they chose to decline the food I made, so in that case it is tough luck I am afraid! 
  • Let them do as they like- Kids don’t like hearing no but I for one think it is vital for kids to know they can’t have it their way all the time. I won’t let my teenager hang around the town, I won’t let my youngster go into people’s houses if I don’t know the parents. I feel kids need boundaries and I for one am going to hold them up for as long as I possibly can. 
  • Replace expensive toys or gadgets- If my kid gets a gift at Christmas and then promptly loses it or damages I will not replace it for them. It can go on to the “wanted list” and maybe in the future they will get it, but I am not going out and spending my money on something they didn’t take the care to mind properly. 
  • Buy them everything they want- I don’t care if every kid in my child’s class has a phone or that my teenage daughter’s friends all have a certain type of jumper. I believe kids should earn things too, behave well for a few weeks, save up some money to put towards the item and I will meet them half way but I am not throwing money out at everything you desire because next week there will be something else on the list. 
  • Lie for them- I believe that children need to know that honesty is pivotal in life and it is the best way to treat others with trust and compassion. Lying for your child (however silly it may be) isn’t going to teach them how to be honest. 
Written by Emma, Irish mummy blogger. Check out her own blog at emmasmadjotters.com

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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