6 essentials your child NEEDS to know about their safety

You can't wrap them up in cotton wool but you can teach them a thing or two

All parents want their kids to be safe yet sometimes it is hard to figure out how best to warn your child of the dangers around them without scaring them half to death.
Here are the essentials they shoudl know;
Safety in numbers and buddy systems- Reminding your child that safety in numbers is important isn’t going to scare them but they do need to be aware of the dangers of strangers. Tell your kid to leave school with a buddy and always be around their pals instead of heading off alone. 
Have road rules- Your kiddie should know how to cross the road safely, how to use pedestrian crossings or lolly-pop people and how to be mindful of traffic. Of course, you may always be with them but they should know how to do these things to set them up for their later years when they do need to cross roads alone. 
Have a system- Your child should always know where you collect them from and if there is a case where you send someone else it should be someone they know well and in the regular place. Some people have a secret code for their child to question anyone who comes to collect them after school but really this is unnecessary as long as they are familiar with the person who collects them. 
Teach your kid how to make emergency calls and their home address, phone number and name- No matter how old your kiddie once they have started school they should know how to make emergency calls and how to tell someone their name, address and phone number. Practice at home as this is vital if there was an accident and a parent was unable to call emergency services. 
Trusting their gut- Your child should understand that they should trust their gut in regards to what is usual and unusual behaviour. If something feels off it usually is and while a person may promise you sweets if you come and look at something with them, it is never is as good as it seems. 
Stranger danger- A stranger is a stranger regardless of how the person looks or if they have puppies or kiddies with them. Your child needs to be aware of the dangers and when out and about playing not go near strangers when called. In fact, your child should come straight into the house if they notice any unusual people or sense something is wrong. 
  • Do a run down on what your kiddie shouldn’t do-
  • Don’t talk to strangers unless you are with an adult you trust and are formally introduced. 
  • Don’t answer the door without your parent present as there may be strange people on the other side
  • Don’t leave a parent’s side when out and about as it only takes a second for a stranger to take you and if lost go to the main desk area and ask for help
  • Don’t keep secrets
  • Don’t go near cars or vans on the street outside
Staying safe isn’t always easy but if your kids have the right information they should be one step ahead at all times. 
Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer at Family Friendly HQ

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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