6 Common misconceptions about kids and parenting

Maybe it's something you read or advice you have been given but don't always take these as gospel

Parenting is one of those things that you will always question yourself and wonder how best to raise your children. You will of course use books, articles and advice to help you along the way but in reality how good is this? Not all of the information you are given is correct and a lot of parenting should be built on your gut instinct as there can be misconceptions about your children and parenting. Here are some of the more common misconceptions with regards to kids and parenting and we hope it helps you be the best parent you can be.
  • The terrible twos don’t really exist- The terrible twos are a stage mentioned frequently by parents though it has to be said that they do exist but so do all the other “terrible” stages. Your kid doesn’t just stop being a messer once he turns three in fact they can become even more disobedient. As teenagers your nerves will be tested massively, so in hindsight there isn’t an easy stage, the truth is parenting is hard work at any time. 
  • Money will sort itself- The reality here is money does matter when you have kids as not only do you not have only yourself to worry about but a youngster and this adds greatly to your money woes if you have any? It is imperative that you keep a handle on your finances, manage your money well and pay for the household bills first, the rest like luxury holidays will have to wait unless you have surplus money hanging around! 
  • You will have no life once you have kids- Actually that depends on what your hopes and aspirations are for the future, for some people they want to live life free and travel which is perfectly fine and for others they yearn to settle down and enjoy life as a parent. Sure it is hard socialising when you have nippers but it is manageable, your life doesn’t have to be a bore just because you have kiddies. 
  • It will make your relationship- No it won’t and anyone that believes that is the case is deluded. A fragile relationship will not be strengthened by a new baby in fact it could break it as children will add stress to your lives and only the strongest couples will see through the sleepless nights and the many piles of washing! 
  • You have to nip bad behaviour in the bud straight away- You do have to be consistent and ensure that your child knows the boundaries but accepting that your child will make mistakes is important. Every bad behaviour doesn’t mean you have to berate your kid for hours or throw up a whole new set of rules for your child to abide by, sometimes they will mess up and they should be allowed to do so. 
  • Their (your kids) future is on your head- You can be the very best parent and do everything right but your kid could still choose to take a very different path to the one you had hoped for. Children will choose their own destiny and their success isn’t due to you but rather down to their own personal determination and ambitions. Show them the best path but ultimately it is up to them where they go in life. 
Written by Emma Hayes. Emma is a writer with Family Friendly HQ and also writes her own parenting musings over at www.emmasmadjotters.com

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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