15 things my kids say every single bloody day

They are persistent..i'll give them that

There are things that your kids will say every bloody day and you could be forgiven for losing the rag every time you hear the same things repeatedly! Here are just some of the things your children say every single day but I am sure there are plenty more to add!
  • “I want toast!” – Kids love toast but wouldn’t it be lovely if they’d eat some porridge or cereal that is good for them? 
  • “I don’t want that toast!”- God forbid you overdo the toast or under cook it and if you add jam or chocolate spread when you clearly should have known your child wanted butter god forgive you!
  • “I’m bored”- It is only twenty minutes since your child screamed to get out of bed yet they say they are bored even though the toy box is turned upside down and the bloody annoying cartoons are on!
  • “I don’t want that”- If anything children are honest if not completely honest and boy do they let you know their feelings without giving a damn! It does not matter that you spent ages making your child a sock puppet because your kiddie does not want the f&*king thing! 
  • “You missed a bit”- Your kids may not get off the couch but they will notice if you miss a bit while hoovering and yes, they will let you know!
  • “You look messy!”- Is it just me? Or do kids give their parents a rather stern opinion of how they look during the day?! Sure, I may not look my best but come on you wouldn’t either if you got three hours’ sleep.
  • “She farted!” Cue lots of screaming, nose holding and dragging off the guilty kid who let lose their stink without considering the family around them. 
  • “It is mine”- Everything a kid goes near is “mine” even if the thing belongs to their sibling it is still “mine.” Even when said sibling cries for a half hour it is still “mine” Kids huh?!
  • “What’s for dinner?” - Kids love food so this is the norm…
  • “I don’t want that dinner”- But of course when you cook the beautiful dinner there is always one who will refuse to eat it!
  • “I am starving, will you make me another dinner?”- When the child refuses you warn your child that he will go hungry. Fast forward an hour and you are making his favourite beans on toast! 
  • “I am not tired”- Whether your kid is tired or not, he is going to bed and quickly.
  • “I am too tired to brush my teeth”- It goes from not been tired to been overly tired in one clear swoop, and teeth brushing takes nearly 30minues between negotiation and bribery!
  • “I need a story” – I am not against storytelling but one night it is nice to get downstairs a bit quicker and catch up on some ironing! But your kid always needs a story…
  • “I love you but you are squishing me!”- The kids will love and adore you pleading for hugs and kisses but once you give it to them they will complain that you are smothering them!
You never can win!
Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer at Family Friendly HQ

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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