10 Types of Mammy Friends: all Mum’s need these

If there was a Panel of Mum Friends - these would be on the list!

Friends are essential for sanity!
Especially when you have a houseful of mad kids and your head needs a bit of time out with friends on the odd occasion. However every situation requires a 'certain friend' and each pal has their own qualities, depending on your mood and needs - you never know who you may call on.
These are few types of friends every Mam needs from time to time…
  • The 'So Honest it Hurts Mum': This kind of brutal, often hurtful honesty can be harsh and not all Mums are going to love her. Though sometimes you need to be reminded that your kid is a little Madame that does need a good talking to-hell this Mum will even do it for you!
  • The 'Pants on Fire Mum': Everything she says is total baloney and you could never entirely trust her. However when you want to hear that you are looking fab and haven’t put on weight (you have) this is the kind of pal you need-just don’t divulge too much to her as she loves to gossip.
  • The 'Gloriously Glam Mum': You know the type she looks amazing at any time of day and never has a hair out of place. When you are going on a fancy night out in a swish place, who are you going to call? Yes she will do your nails, hair and makeup and she will love it (so will you!)
  • The 'Polar Opposite Mum': You could not be more different but she respects your ways as you do hers and being diverse is cool. She will be the one you call when your kid decides they want to get involved in something little out of the ordinary and will remind you that doing something different isn’t wrong-there are just different ways to do things.
  • The 'Smug I Know Everything Mum':  She often gets under your skin with her banging on about her kids being brainboxes and how they are stars at everything. However she is doing something right as her kids get accepted into a club with a waiting list-and she might put a word in and get your darlings into the club pronto.
  • The 'Old Friend Mum':  This is the very person who has known you pre kids and understands you better than most and loves you loads. She will be there when you are under pressure and are upset, she will remind you what an incredible person you are and let you cry on her shoulder-this one is a keeper- forever and ever.
  • The 'In the Same Boat Mum': She is an exact replica of you apart from a few appearance and looks differences but she has the same morals as you in regards to parenting. When you are questioning yourself she will remind you of your values and beliefs, and if needed she will back you up-don’t introduce her to your other half- he might get confused!
  • The 'Reluctant Mum': The type of Mum that accidentally became pregnant and lets everyone in the school yard hear about and probably the poor child themselves. The sort of no nonsense approach and lack of baby talk can be quite refreshing and she will tell you to take up hobbies-she will tell you to be an individual not just a Mum.
  • The 'Been There, Done That Mum':  This Mum is an older Mum and has years of experience ahead of you on all things kids and can really help you plan for the future. She will tell you all about secondary school, teenager crushes and dreaded exam times proving that no matter how old they are it is extremely hard work parenting at any stage in your child’s development- she will always prove invaluable.
  • The 'Sporty and Fit Mum': She jogs into school, and later on is still in fitness gear after being at yoga and still she smells amazing. If you ever want to get fit or improve on your fitness this one will be very helpful, and you can even go jogging with her once you have done a few practice runs yourself away from prying eyes-every Mum needs a fitness buddy if they want to get fit!
Bet you have a few pals like these? 
All mums are amazing x
Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer at www.familyfriendlyhq.ie 


Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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