10 things that only parents of girls will understand

Of course, not all are the stereotypical girl but most will have some qualities that are somewhat crazy!

If you are a parent to a clatter of girls there are some things that will be different to raising boys.

Here are some of the things that parents of girls only will know for your amusement and I am sure plenty can relate to this…
  • They get offended easily- Young ladies love a joke like anyone else but in most cases, they fail to see sarcasm as an endearing quality and you will pay when you have something smart to say! It doesn’t matter if it was a joke as they will grab their stuff and gallop up to their room moodily!
  • They like clothes and maybe makeup- Most young kids and teens like clothes, fancy jeans or tracksuits but some young ladies are fashion mad and need all the matching shoes and accessories. If your daughter takes a liking to makeup it will be an expensive trip to the shop as in our day the cheapest stuff would do but now? Nope they want the fancy crap that no mother buys cos it is too damn dear! 
  • The bathroom will never be free- Parents of daughters take note…Get them a bathroom each and save yourself the rows every single day as you all battle to get in front of the mirror! Put mirrors everywhere! 
  • There will always be a lack of shampoo in the house- Girls love to look their best and shampoo or bath bombs/bubble baths will be fast disappearing and it will never be their fault! 
  • Your best makeup may go missing- Little girls love to experiment so  hide your best makeup before little hands get it. Hide your clothes too as once your kid is a teen they will see mams fave jeans as fair game! 
  • Shopping will become the norm at the weekend- Hanging out outside changing rooms will become the weekend activity as you dare not go inside as your kid will throw a hissy fit but you mustn’t go far in case they need another size or what not! 
  • Puberty will be difficult- Puberty for girls can be notoriously difficult and understandably so but it will differ for each young lady. They will be moody and may throw tantrums out of nowhere, the good news is it will pass once they settle into their new hormones. 
  • No two or three daughters will be the same- If you have several daughters you would be forgiven for considering them all the same but they are anything but! Most daughters will have completely different personalities and traits making parenting interesting, if anything. 
  • They won’t all be the stereotypical girl- Not all girls love makeup or clothes and some will never be moody at all as they are all different. Some girls will be into pink and unicorns but some might want to kick a rugby ball around, this is perfectly normal and expected. Enjoy their differences. 
  • Daddy will probably worry loads about them as they reach the teen years- Regardless of how sensible your daughters are any parent will worry when they grow up and want to go to discos etc.
Letting go is rather hard and some parents of both boys and girls note it is easier letting the lads go. I guess girls are more at risk but saying that when your child flies the nest it is never easy regardless of their sex. 
Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer at Family Friendly HQ


Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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