Vodafone Launches New Parenting Portal

Vodafone Ireland has just announced they have taken a massive step in the direction of online safety for children. 

Vodafone has revealed they have just launched a new Digital Parenting Portal that has been specially developed to provide parents, guardians and carers with information and advice on how best to approach conversations about online safety with children.  

According to recent research* almost half (46%) of Irish parents look for advice from friends, other parents and family members for advice on keeping their children safe online. 

However, 35% of parents in Ireland, would rather use online resources to educate themselves on all things digital and social media, in the hopes they could positively and confidently address their children when it comes to their online safety. 

Packed with free resources and articles, Vodafone’s Digital Parenting Portal promises to help parents to build resilience, awareness and confidence in young people, ensuring that the next generation is fully equipped for the digital world both now, and for the future. 

It is quite obvious Irish parents increased support and education on all things digital, with a shocking 75% claiming they do not intervene in their child’s online activity due to fear, invading their child’s privacy, lack of confidence with technology and uncertainty in how to even begin to tackle problems. In fact, 85% stated that an increase in services, websites, talks and events for parents would play a key support role in them keeping their children safe online. 

45% of parents surveyed are not happy with their child’s online usage, saying that they spend too much time online. A further 17% confirmed that their child had at least one negative experience online, while 9% admitted that they didn’t know whether their child had a negative experience or not.

Commenting on the launch of the Digital Parenting Portal, Vodafone Ireland’s Liam O’Brien said: “I am very pleased to announce the launch of Vodafone Ireland’s Digital Parenting Portal, which aims to help create a safer, more progressive online world for young people in our society.”

“Our aim is to open up the conversation around online safety in Ireland, ensuring that parents and young people are fully equipped with the knowledge and confidence to navigate our increasingly digital society.”

Over the past 20 years, Vodafone has been a leading force in online child protection. At a European level, Vodafone has played a key role in helping to shape the guiding principles of the ICT Coalition for Children Online, while also being a signatory to the European Commission’s CEO Coalition to make the Internet a Better Place for Kids.

*Online survey conducted by the National Anti-bullying Research and Resource Centre, DCU on behalf of the Vodafone Ireland Foundation in May 2019. The study was an Online Safety survey of 520 parents of children aged between 6 and 16 years

Sophie Gavin

Sophie is the Junior Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ.

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