Tom Fletcher Shares His Real Homeschooling Experience

Homeschooling not quite going to plan? Don't worry, Tom Fletcher can relate.

Like a lot of parents out there, Tom Fletcher has been giving this "homeschooling" thing a try. His students, however, were not quite in the mood for letters and maths homework.

Tom sat down with two of his three sons, Buzz and Buddy, and attempted to teach them their letters and numbers. It's apparent that they don't seem to take their new school teacher very seriously though, and take a fit of the giggles as soon as he starts talking,

In the first video, posted last night, Tom attempts to teach Buddy some letters, while Buddy climbs on his back.

"Homeschooling is going well today," he says.

He then holds up the letter "d" and asks Buddy what the letter is. Of course, he replies "poo." The joys.

In the second video, Tom attempts to teach his eldest son, Buzz, some maths. "Welcome back to homeschool, this is lesson two - this is maths with daddy."

Tom, attempting to put some structure on the lesson, asks his son "If I have four Lego pieces, and I take away three lego pieces..." but he can't finish his sentence with Buzz's infectious laughter.

These adorable videos gave us the laugh we definitely needed today, and made us feel a little bit less alone in our homeschooling attempts.

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Sophie Gavin

Sophie is the Junior Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ.

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