These Sink Play Ideas Are Mindblowing

These ideas will take your little one's sink play to the next level.

If you have ever looked into the benefits of water play or messy play, you will know that they have huge benefits for your child. Adding some water to your child's activities is a great way to get them involved in some sensory-stimulating activities, as well as allowing them to learn about the world around them in an engaged and tactile way.

Messy play aids in your child's sensory development and plays a massive role in developing a sense of curiosity and imagination in your little one. As well as that, splashing about with some water provides a great alternative to screen time.

But, if you've found that the sink play in your home has gotten a little run of the mill, here are some brilliant ideas to reignite that love for messy play.

The ideas came from a parent who posted into The Best Kids Crafts & Activities Facebook Group. She said:

"Something we’ve done for a while is sinkplay, an idea we got from a lovely lady on insta you can use any waterproof toys (we use playmobil a lot) and let your imagination run wild!! My little boy has been having these sinkplays since he was 3.5 ish and is now 5 and still loves them, perfect for any age with supervision."

We absolutely love these ideas. Will you be giving them a go?

If you're looking for some more low pressure, fun activities for your family at home, check out our #FamilyFun30 challenge on Instagram, where every day we post a mindful activity that will keep little hands busy.


Sophie Gavin

Sophie is the Junior Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ.

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