The Simple Lemon-Juicing Hack That's Taking Over The Internet

This lemon-juicing hack is the real deal.

We've seen an awful lot of food and household hacks in our time. Some of them were good, some of them were bad, some of them were just plain crazy. But we can tell you that this lemon-juicing hack that's taking over the internet really is the secret to easy, pipless lemon juice every time.

The hack has gone viral on TikTok and other social media platforms and for good reason. If you want to quickly juice lemons for pancake toppings, summer salad dressing, or anything else your heart desires, look no further.

To try it out for yourself, all you have to do is put a skewer through the end of a lemon but stop before you reach the other end. Take the skewer out, and squeeze the lemon over a glass or bowl. The results? Clean, pip-free lemon juice pours out of the lemon without the need for vigorous juicing.

It sounds simple, but we could not believe our eyes when we saw it happen for ourselves.


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According to, juicing a lemon this way produces around 50 millilitres of lemon juice, as opposed to juicing a lemon the traditional way which produces just 43 millilitres.

Completely genius! Will you be trying out this lemon-juicing hack?

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