Tesco Ireland Reveals Top Food Trends For Christmas 2020

'Tis nearly the season, so you might as well lean into everything Christmas food and drink-related now, before we're sick of it by December 26.

Let's face it - Christmas 2020 is going to be very different. Many people across the country have sadly lost loved ones this year, while some of us still won't be able to visit family and friends that we haven't seen all year. And that's why this year many of us are keeping it very traditional, with being mindful of others also being a high priority.

Winner winner, turkey dinner

According to research conducted by Tesco Ireland, 47% of those interviewed said that Christmas dinner was their favourite part of the holiday. And yes, you guessed it, a turkey dinner came out on top as the nation's number one.

Almost one third (31%) of adults say this is their favourite part of Christmas dinner, followed by stuffing (15%) and roast potatoes (14%). Over one quarter (26%) of households will cater to a dietary requirement such as vegan or gluten-free.

Conscious of the environment

The concept of being economical for Christmas 2020 is high on the priority list too, with a high percentage of us (65%) having an artificial tree; which is a huge difference when compared to only 17% of us opting for a real tree.

Given the circumstances this year, the majority of respondents (64%) say that they will celebrate within their household only. However, over one in ten (16%) of people don’t yet know how they will be spending Christmas this year.

Giving back

Finally, many of us are planning on giving back to our communities this year. Shopping locally and Irish will be a hot topic for buyers; four in ten adults say they will do so.

Almost half of all adults who took part in this research say they will make a charitable donation too. Homelessness, children’s, and mental health charities received the highest percentages of responses for Christmas 2020.

A new idea of Christmas for the future

Maybe this new take on the traditional season will allow us to see what is truly most important in life. Gone are the big, expensive gifts and monster-sized Christmas pig-outs (we've been guilty of this all year, let's be honest). In instead is looking out for each other more, supporting our loved ones, and giving back to those in need. It only took a global pandemic to wake up our senses of what's most important in life.

Tesco Ireland also get into the festive spirit recently by releasing their tongue-in-cheek TV ad. Here's their take on Christmas 2020 in case you missed it.

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