Simon Harris Shares Useful Resource For Parents During Covid-19 Crisis

Minister for Health Simon Harris has shared an important and useful resource which may help parents navigate the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many people have been keeping a watchful eye on Simon Harris' twitter feed lately for useful updates and insights into how the government has been dealing with the Covid-19.

Today, Harris shared a useful resource that may be helpful to parents trying to navigate the current restrictions and who may have teenagers and young children at home. Trying to be a teacher, a parent and an employee full time is no easy feat, so this new guide may bring some helpful tips and structure to many families.

The guide is called the Parents Centre and can be located on the government's website. The centre covers six main topics: Covid-19 Information for Parents, Supports, Parenting, Wellbeing, Learning, Resources for Children and Young People. On the webpage, it states:

"During the COVID-19 measures, parents are managing a range of new challenges in a number of areas of life.

The Parents Centre is a central information point where parents can get high-quality, trusted information and support.

The Parents Centre will be updated as new information becomes available."

The various topics are then broken down under further headings where parents can find more specific information, such as supports for a bereaved child, play, child safety, infant and toddler wellbeing, and links to online parenting courses.

Simon Harris said in the tweet that he hopes this resource will be helpful for many. Will you be availing of this service?

Sophie Gavin

Sophie is the Junior Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ.

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