"Our Wheely Big Journey" On The Negativity She Experienced On Instagram

Followers of "Our Wheely Big Journey" were over the moon to see the page come alive again yesterday.

We were absolutely delighted to see "Our Wheely Big Journey" pop up on our Instagram newsfeed this week. We have always been huge fans of Sharon and her gorgeous little family. Sharon's son Noa is a wheelchair user and a total ray of sunshine.

A couple of months ago Sharon felt that the best option for her and the family was to delete her Instagram page entirely. We really missed keeping up to date with their adventures and can't wait to continue to follow Noa's journey now that they are back.


At the time of deleting her Instagram account, Sharon felt that she had no other option.

"When it came to leaving Instagram the reason was purely negative comments and messages from followers/fake accounts"

Sharon spoke to Family Friendly HQ about being in a very vulnerable place at that time and that she simply couldn't help but take it all to heart.

"I knew the only option was to leave and get myself back to a stronger place mentally. To get some perspective on social media and my reasons for being on it"

Sharon started the "Our Wheely Big Journey" Instagram account to compliment her blog. The purpose of both was to share Noa's journey. In a blog post Sharon says

We set up Our Wheely Big Journey to show everyone that life with a child with disabilities doesn't mean it can't be a fun filled journey

As part of her blog and Instagram account Sharon shares their family adventures whether it's restaurant visits, days out and holidays here and abroad. Their reviews talk extensively about accessibility and how it worked out for Noa.

Followers of "Our Wheely Big Journey" were over the moon to see the page come alive again yesterday with the announcement that Noa had finally received a date for his long awaited spinal surgery.

Sharon will be sharing this next phase of Noa's journey in the hopes of connecting with and helping other parents

"When we got a date for his spinal surgery I knew it was the right time to come back to share this huge part of our journey"

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