Mum-of-seven Creates Genius Schoolbag Station

Could this schoolbag station be the secret to quick and easy school mornings?

We've all been there. Despite the best-laid plans, there always ends up being a morning where someone sleeps out the alarm, someone doesn't hear you calling them, someone can only find two left shoes - the list is endless.

When the inevitable disaster strikes, the last thing you need is to be trying to organize your kids' schoolbags and lunchboxes, especially if you have more than one child.

That's why we think this mum's gorgeous schoolbag station is so clever. It simply means there's one thing less to worry about the mornings, making it easier to get the kids out of the house in one piece.

According to Metro, mum-of-seven Jenna Pierce came up with this genius hack. She and her husband met in 2011, each having a child of their own. They then had three children together and now foster two boys. In such a busy house, organization is key.

Mum-of-seven Creates Genius Schoolbag Station
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Jenna bought seven letters. seven photo frames, hooks and baskets. She then bought different coloured laces for each of her child's shoes and placed each schoolbag and pair of shoes underneath the corresponding initial and photo of each child.

Not only is this system efficient, but it would also make a gorgeous addition to anyone's hallway.

Jenna told Femail:

‘When the kids get home from school, they put their bag on their hook, shoes where they need to go, lunch box on the bench, and get out of their school clothes before doing anything else.

‘Our school bag station allows the kids to have their own set place for their belongings, which is easier for them the next morning not having to remember where they put their stuff and stressing before school.

Keeping kids in a routine like this works wonders - they know what's expected of them, you know what's expected of them and with a little bit of practice, it all falls into place.

We'll definitely be trying this one!

Sophie Gavin

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