These Kids Stole The Show In Mariah Carey's New Christmas Video

Mariah Carey just released a new video for her smash hit 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' but it was the kids who stole the show.

We all know Christmas is coming when Mariah Carey comes on the radio. It's simply a fact of life.

This year, however, she has taken things up a notch by releasing a brand new video to go along with the famous number, titled 'All I Want for Christmas Is You (Make My Wish Come True Edition)'.

The video tells the heartwarming story of a little girl looking into the window of a store and seeing Mariah Carey in a window display. She comes to life and invites the girl into the store, where a Christmas wonderland appears.

Mariah looks like her usual fabulous self and keeps the dancing to a minimum, while the kids in the video completely steal the show with their adorable outfits and dancing.

We can't cope!

As was expected, the reaction to the new video was overwhelmingly positive.

Many thought the video was just what they needed to get into the festive spirit:

While this fan was simply blown away by it all:

What do you think - is this video better than the original?


Sophie Gavin

Sophie is the Junior Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ.

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