John Lewis Release Heartwarming New Christmas Advert

In probably the most anticipated video of the year, the new John Lewis Christmas advert depicts the friendship between a young girl and an excitable young dragon, Edgar.

Every year, there are certain things that make Christmas, Christmas. For some, it's the Christmas lights going up in town, for others it's the weather getting colder. For a lot of us, however, we feel like Christmas is coming when we are left in tears after watching the John Lewis yearly Christmas advert.

Today, John Lewis released their 2019 Christmas advert, which features the heartwarming friendship between a young girl and a very excitable young dragon.

Clumsy dragon Edgar makes a mess of every Christmas event he goes to in their little village, accidentally setting fire to everything in sight when he gets excited.

When his fellow villagers begin to get impatient (and a bit fearful) of his powers, Edgar shuts himself away. That is, until a friend of his finds the perfect Christmas job for him.

The overall message of the ad is, typical of John Lewis, that there is a place and a perfect gift for everyone this Christmas.

According to the Telegraph UK, this is the first advert from John Lewis in their new partnership with Waitrose. The ad, which features a cover of Dan Smith's 'Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore' by the band Bastile, was filmed across two weeks with over a hundred cast members.

Sophie Gavin

Sophie is the Junior Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ.

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