Irishman Uses A Zoom Quiz To Propose To His Girlfriend

How cute is this proposal?

Around the world, people have been making sacrifices due to Covid-19 - weddings have been postponed, birthday parties cancelled and it safe to say that everyone, everywhere, is missing someone right now.

Technology has had to fill in for human connection in ways that no one has expected - it's become the weekly night out, the family catch up and the office all in one. And one man, Bobby Murphy, even used it to propose to his girlfriend.

According to RTE News, Bobby is currently working in Abu Dhabi while his partner Nessa a Lieutenant Commander in the Irish Naval Service, based in Co Cork.

He told RTE:

"I wanted to marry Nessa, but I wanted to ask her parents' blessing first. Face-to-face, in Ireland. Preferably last Easter weekend. But the world shut down and we all had to stay home and stay safe."

However, this proved to be a minor setback. Once securing their permission via a Zoom call, all that was left for Bobby to do was to pop the question.

During a family quiz, Bobby and Nessa were set to be quizmasters. He decided to add in another question at the end: "Nessa, would you marry me?"

Irishman Uses A Zoom Quiz To Propose To His Girlfriend
Source: RTE / Bobby Murphy

With their family watching on, Nessa replied: "Yes Bobby, I will!"

Afterwards, Nessa told RTE:

"I’m very, very happy. It was lovely to have all the family there and you could see everybody was really excited, as are extended family and friends as the news has spread."

The happy couple doesn't know when they'll be able to see each other again, but said that apps like Zoom are definitely helping them to stay connected.

I think we'll all agree that that was the good news story we needed today. Congratulations Bobby and Nessa!

Sophie Gavin

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