Potterheads - A Harry Potter TV Series Is Being Developed

Did somebody cast Wingardium Leviosa in here? Because we feel like we're floating in the air with the news that one of our favourite franchises could be getting its own TV series in the future.

According to reports, a Harry Potter TV series is in its very early stages of development over at Warner Bros. Potentially, the new live-action series will land on their new streaming service HBO Max for years to come. More Harry Potter in our lives? Count us in!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, top executives at Warner Bros. have had a number of meetings regarding the development of the Harry Potter TV series. While no talent or creative team is attached to the project just yet, talks are ongoing as to how the series can be created for the small screen.

The beloved franchise began with humble beginnings in 1997 after J.K. Rowling first published 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'. Since then, Harry and his fellow Hogwarts classmates have risen to become one of the biggest pop culture franchises ever created.

A huge sting in the tail in all of this, however, is, of course, the J.K. Rowling controversy. The author hurt many trans people and their allies with her devastating remarks on social media. In light of this, it's important to try and keep the author and the franchise separate from one another. A lot of fans have found solace and escapism from the world of Harry Potter in the past, and we must try not to forget this, no matter our opinion on the author.

Spanning seven books, eight movies, a spin-off movie series, theme parks, video games, a dedicated studios tour, a West End play, and everything in between... the world has been Potter mad for over 20 years.

Expect more concrete information on the Harry Potter TV series to be released in the months to come. Until then, here is some comforting Harry Potter music to add a bit of magic to your week.

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