Hairdressers, Libraries, And Museums All Reopening Today

Finally, after months of staying inside and going for walks, some normality is being restored to Ireland.

What an uplifting way to start the week! It's taken a long time to get here, but today is finally the day where we can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Businesses are once again reopening today.

With a large chunk of Irish society reopening today, it means that thousands of us are heading back to work, with many more of us being able to reap the benefits of these workers and their skills. Before chancing your arm, however, always make sure to check how to book in a slot in advance - no one wants to be disappointed on a week such as this!

First to open up today on this "day of freedom" are personal services such as hairdressers, barbers, tattoo studios and beauticians. If, like us, you haven't had anyone go near you with a hairdryer, scissors, or nail file in months, then chances are you've already booked yourself in for some pampering this week.

Next, museums, galleries, and libraries have opened their doors to the public today. Be sure to check out each venue's website or social media page to see if you need to book a timeslot ahead of your arrival. Books and culture - how we've missed you.

Also reopening today are click and collect retail services. This means that if you wish to browse your local store (for example, Penneys), you'll have to book a slot online beforehand. Retail stores are expected to return to normal from next week onwards.

Finally, domestic travel is back to normal today, with bus and rail services allowed to reach up to 50% of their normal capacity. Outdoor groups of up to 15 people are allowed too, and up to three households can meet outdoors (or two indoors if one of them has received the vaccine).

Twitter has also been a-glow with users sharing some light-hearted and positive reactions to our little country getting back on its feet once again, as well as everyone wishing all of the businesses reopening this week the very best of luck.

What will be the first thing you do? We know one thing we'll be doing - getting this bird's nest sorted ASAP, followed by a cultural family trip to the nearest museum or library.

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