Irish Comedian Writes Hilarious Love Letter To Penneys

Enya Martin wrote the poem about Penneys to the tune of 'Stan' by Eminem.

We're missing a lot of things right now. Our families, our friends, travel - but on a more superficial level, we're definitely missing our trips to Penneys.

We honestly never thought we'd have to live in a world without regular trips for socks, tan, PJs and the (in)famous €1 thongs.

Irish comedian Enya Martin (better known as @gizalaugh on social media) penned this hilarious letter which captured our sentiments exactly, summing up how much we all miss Penneys since lockdown began.

She begins the letter:

"Dear Penneys,

Roses are red, violets are blue,

It's been nearly two months now and I'm really starting to miss you."

She then goes on to describe all the things that Penneys shoppers can relate to, like kids running around and cranky customers at customer service.

"I miss being in your shop with kids causing blue murder

Or queuing at customer service where Karen will be taking this further."

She even goes as far as saying that she misses her boyfriend trailing behind her telling her to hurry up, and that now he knows how she feels when he spends hours playing PlayStation.

"I miss me fella in me ear "will you hurry up I'm losing me patience!"

Well now you know how I feel when you're glued to the bleedin' PlayStation!"

We were in tears laughing at this video - it definitely made our week. It has since gone viral with 9.2k likes and over 1.3k comments on Instagram alone.

Even Penneys themselves loved the video. They shared it on Facebook to their 6 million followers with the caption:

"We love this from Giz a Laugh - we miss you too! Don't worry, we're working hard to get our stores ready and safe for you all to shop with us again!"

We'll be ready and waiting, Penneys!


Sophie Gavin

Sophie is the Junior Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ.

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