Feel Good News : Viral Bear Hunt Game Is Adorable

In this series we are sharing feel good news. If you would like to be included please get in touch with us. It doesn't matter how big or how small the news is. Let's celebrate it.

It's safe to say that a lot of people (me included) are avoiding the news throughout the day. Sticking to one reputable daily report is about as much as most of us can handle. The truth is that the news is heavy at the moment. We're overhwhelmed, insecure and anxious about questions that nobody can give us an answer to.

Family Friendly HQ want to bring some good news to you. We want to shine a spotlight on some of the positive things that are currently happening in Ireland and around the world. If you would like to get involved please send us a DM on Instagram or Facebook. It doesn't matter how big or small your good news is. Perhaps someone lost their first tooth (or their first tooth has arrived) or learnt how to tie their shoe laces. We want to hear about it. Let's celebrate the small wins and remind ourselves that there is always happiness even in the midst of chaos. Here is today's feel good news.

Viral Bear Hunt Game Is Beyond Adorable

Have you noticed a lot of pictures of teddy bears on social media? They might just be involved in a viral game that is bringing joy to so many people's lives. The bear hunt game involves leaving teddy bears on your window sill so that people passing by (with children) can notice them as part of their bear hunt game. At a time where schools are closed and play dates are not possible, this is a gorgeous way to connect our children with other children in the area.

Ciara's Toddler Is Living The Outdoor Toddler Dream Right Now

Can we just take a minute to appreciate the WEATHER? We know that going outside is not an option for everyone but for those that can the sunshine is so incredibly welcome. There is nothing like sunshine to remind us that better times are coming. Ciara Ashwell recently gave birth to her beautiful twins and as they adjust to their new normal life in these surreal times it has been amazing to allow their toddler to roam free in their back garden. Just look at this gorgeous set up. It's a twenty two month olds dream. The babies were happy in the shade sleeping in their pram and Ciara could feed them (she's breastfeeding twins, what a superhero) while little Aoibhe was happy playing.

garden party
Ciara Ashwell recently gave birth to her beautiful twins and as they adjust to their new normal life in these surreal times it has been amazing to allow their toddler to roam free in their back garden

There Is A Covideo Party And You're Invited

Comedian Alison Spittle is trying to keep people's morale high by creating a gorgeous virtual video party. The idea behind the "party" is that individuals who are self-isolating watch the same movie at the same time and tweet about it. It's a brilliant way to connect people and we've loved seeing people get involved.

Blank Trails Gave Their Dog It's Very Own Parade And We Can't Cope

We have only recently started following Blank Trails on Instagram and they have made us laugh so many times this week. This post gave us the absolute feels though. Their amazing rescue dog story (we'll let you read that on their feed) landed him a place in the local St. Patrick's Day Parade. When the parade was cancelled they decided to throw him his very own parade and the video is adorable and hilarious. There was a doggie red carpet, doggie pampering and they enlisted the help of some friends (and some of Dublin's most famous landmarks).Thanks for the laugh guys.

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Hi everyone it’s a Dó, Uimhir a Dó. Because of my special story I was chosen as Clondalkin’s St Patrick’s Day Grand Marshal, but mammy and daddy told me due to the sniffles I couldn’t ride in the open top car through the village.. . . I was really sad yesterday. I cried and cried and didn’t want my breakfast or to go for a walk. My mammy felt sorry for me so her and daddy gave me the BEST DAY EVER!!.. . . Can you please watch this when your pup isn’t in the room as it’s not fair on them to see me having so much fun. After you’ve watched it, can you please give them a treat from me? . . Hope when the sniffles are gone we can all see each other. Uimhy.. . . #stpatricksday #grandmarshall #goldenretriever #uimhy #coronavirus #neveradullday #stpatricksday2020 #specialday #puppylife #nationalholiday #parade #phoenixpark #customshouse

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