Feel Good News - Spanish Children Enjoy The Simple Things

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I don't know what it is about this week but so many of us have had enough. It feels like we have collectively come to end of our tether. If you are constantly trying to remind yourself about how lucky you are in a bid to snap out of it, we feel you. The reality is that this is all relative and what we are experiencing is grief.

With that being said we could all do with a little pick-me-up and we hope that this post will give you something to smile about today.

The Power Of Sibling Love

Mum of two Aly Gavin shared this picture with us and it made us completely swoon. She snapped the adorable photo when her two little girls fell asleep last night. Ella and Faye have bunk beds but in recent weeks they have wanted to be a little bit closer to each other. In this photo you'll see how big sister Ella has pushed her mattress up beside Faye's bed so that they can hold hands while they sleep. Mum Aly is "so happy they have eachother during this". We are too.

Spanish Children Enjoy The Simple Things

For the first time in 40+ days Spanish children are permitted to be outside of their home. It really puts things in perspective for us as staying within the 2km radius has felt difficult in itself. Children are enjoying the simple things in life, like fresh air and a bike ride with ther parents. In recent days Spain recorded it's lowest death toll since the virus reached them. For Spanish families this is an important step in the direction of life returning to normal one day in the future.

For the first time in 40+ days Spanish children are permitted to be outside of their home

Blogger Stephanie Buckley Makes Our Belly Hurt

These days when we scroll through social media we are hoping to stumble upon something light-hearted, helpful or funny. Blogger Stephanie Buckley delivers all of these things. Her blog "eat sleep chic" is full of helpful advice, tips and stories. Her social media does the very same but is completely hilarious too.

During this time of social distancing her posts and videos have made our bellies hurt from laughing so much. This girl knows how to wear a duvet! We also recommend checking out her recent TikTok video where she swaps clothes with her one year old. Keep them coming Stephanie - they're cheering us up!

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