Feel Good News : Meeting Grandad Through The Window

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As another week rolls in many of us are feeling that sense of overwhelm. Whether it's trying to work from home, taking care of our children or worrying about a loved ones health - this is an overwhelming time for us all. There is bucket-loads of news circulating daily. This news generally adds to our anxieties. For this reason we have decided to regularly share feel good stories to help put a smile on your faces.

We hope you enjoy today's feel good news. We've got newborn babies and kind gestures to frontline staff. Need we say more?

Welcome To The World Baby Cillian

This photo stopped us in our tracks. In the midst of such a chaotic and surreal time one Dublin family welcomed a new family member. Baby Cillian arrived safe and sound last week and his grandad couldn't wait to meet him. In this photo we can see the pure joy on grandad's face as he "meets" baby Cillian for the very first time, through the window. What a precious moment. Huge congratulations to the whole family!

grandad meets baby Cillian through the window
In this photo we can see the pure joy on grandad's face as he "meets" baby Cillian for the very first time, through the window

US Supermarket Offer Free Groceries To Healthcare Workers

As a kind gesture one US supermarket offered free groceries to some healthcare workers this week. The supermarket chain, Winnie-Dixie, have a designated shopping hour for healthcare workers on a Monday and Tuesday evening. This past Monday they decided to surprise healthcare workers with free groceries. What a lovely way to thank frontline staff. Thanks for sharing goodnews_movement

99 Year Old Raises 23 Million For NHS

This is absolutely incredible. A 99 year old war veteran has raised 23 million pounds for the UK's health service. What started as a simple garden challenge gained huge attention worldwide. Captain Tom Moore has an 82 foot garden and he has walked it, with the help of his zimmer-frame, 100 times. In this beautiful photo from Upworthy you can see Moore proudly wearing his war medals. What an amazing human being.

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Proud mum of two who got married on Don't Tell The Bride and had an accidental home-birth (loves a good story). She's passionate about breastfeeding, positive thinking & all things cosy.

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