Feel Good News : Hundreds Of Baby Turtles Hatch On Quiet Beach

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We've taken a wildlife approach for today's feel good news because we came across some really beautiful stories that made us feel very humbled. There is something so special and grounding about animals. Particularly when it relates to birth and them enjoying our wonderful little planet.

We hope today's feel good news gives you a small moment of escapism and reminds you, as it did for us, that there is always something to smile about and that for many creatures life is only beginning.

Baby Turtles Hatch On Quiet Beach

This gorgeous video is courtesy of RTE. It made our day and we hope it will make yours too. According to the video sea turtles are very selective about where they lay their eggs. Due to social-distancing restrictions beaches around the world have been significantly quieter than normal and we can see from this incredible video the moment hundreds of baby turtles made their way to the ocean after they hatched on this deserted beach. What a beautiful spectacle.

More Birds Nesting On Dollymount Strand

We came across this tweet and it reminded us that social-distancing is not bad news for everyone. It seems like the bird population are living their best lives on Dollymount strand. The tweet showed a poster on the popular Irish beach declaring that due to less people and dogs visiting the beach there are more ground nesting birds. It included advice to watch out for nests and to keep dogs on leads at all times so the birds can raise their young successfully.

Adorable UCD Cygnets

It really is the simple things. Susannah Staunton shared this photograph of the UCD lake and the adorable swan and baby cygnets that live there. The cygnets are believed to be less than one day old. The very beginning of their life on this planet.

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