Feel Good News : Dublin City Libraries Offer Free Book Delivery Service To Those Cocooning

In this series we love to share feel good news. If you would like to be included please get in touch with us. It doesn't matter how big or how small the news is. Let's celebrate it. Tag us on Instagram with the #feelgoodnews or email [email protected].

Welcome to today's reminder that there are positive things happening all around us at the moment. We've got some heart-warming feel good vibes coming your way and we hope they give you something to smile about.

In today's feel good news we've got community generosity, a message from beautiful Co. Clare and an announcement of new life.

Irish Tourism Videos Remind Us That "We Are Still Here"

In a bid to remind us that Ireland's beauty will always be there waiting for us to discover, the Irish tourism industry are sharing some beautiful photographs and videos of our beautiful country. This stunning video of Co. Clare took our breath away. As the video says

"at a time when we must stay at home, and you can't be in that special place you love, all you can do is dream of being there"

It urges us to drift away and dream of the beautiful country we live in. The emotional video shows beautiful scenery, the Cliffs Of Moher and reminds us not to worry because "we're still here".

The video below is a beautiful and peaceful showcase of our stunning island, in general.

Dublin City Libraries Offer Free Books To Those Cocooning

This lovely incentive caught our attention today and we are so glad it exists. Dublin City Libraries have joined forces with the Dublin Volunteer Centre to offer free books (and delivery) to people who are currently cocooning. What a magical gift to offer someone who may be feeling lonely and isolated from society. Books open up a whole world and allow us to completely escape. At a time when people may not be able to share a conversation or walk, they can share a story.

Dr Laura Linehan Has Given Birth To A Baby Girl

As her profile description suggests Laura's account is on of our go-to places for family, style and medical content. We have loved following her pregnancy journey (and her helpful fact-based news about the virus). We were over the moon to see her announcement yesterday from University Hospital Galway. Laura has given birth to a beautiful baby girl. In the post Laura reassured her followers that her husband did get to hold the baby after the birth and "everyone has been so lovely and reassuring and amazing." We are beaming for you Laura.

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