Famous Irish Families on Why They're Just as Kooky as 'The Addams Family'

We couldn’t be more excited about The Addams Family movie which is set to hit Irish screens on 25th October 2019.

The famous Kooky family are presented by some very familiar voices to add to our excitement. Charlize Theron voices the character of Morticia Addams and Chloe Grace Moretz brings Wednesday to life.

Arguably, The Addams Family are one of the most interesting families that television has acquainted us with. Their modes of communication and their daily rituals are nothing short of kooky. This is the very thing we love about them the most. We find their interactions totally endearing and it highlights the fact that every family is wonderfully unique and that, essentially, love is what prevails.

We’ve caught up with some lovely Irish families to ask them about their own kooky habits and rituals! These are the things that might seem bizarre to onlookers but are completely normal within your own family unit. We loved this little snippet into their kooky family life.

Ali Dee

Ali is a mother of four from Tallaght. She recently gave birth to triplet boys and is in the throws of busy life with three babies and her beautiful little girl Georgia.

“I believe happy memories are one of the best gifts you can ever give your children, so every Halloween I do my best to get the whole family involved. Every year since my little girl Georgia was born we’ve all dressed up together as a family. And we will continue this now with her three new little brothers.  The costumes will only get bigger and better, and hopefully the memories will too! We may look absolutely mad, but at least we look mad together”.

Kelly Fitzsimons

Kelly is a busy mum of one and bride to be. She loves to share her fashion, food and family tips on her popular Instagram page.

“We absolutely love to face paint. It is a great way to fill up your evening or day when the weather isn’t great too. We have always done it and Ella-May thinks it’s hilarious. We’ve managed to drag Mark in to it a few times too."

Kelly Fitzsimons

Emma Doran

Emma Doran is a comedian, podcaster and mother from Dublin. We love following her adventures.

“When the boys are going to bed (not Ella, she’s 16) I throw their PJs at them and put on a voice and chase them around the room and they have to run away. It's probably the worst thing to do just before bed because they get hyper but I just can’t resist those giggles”.

Emma Doran

Ellen Kavanagh

Ellen is co-owner of Waxperts Wax and a very proud mum of one little boy and two gorgeous doggies.

“We have more quirky habits than normal habits! With our two doggies Indiana and Archie we’ve given them their own accents that we think match their personalities. But that’s totally normal, right? We’re also keen on any excuse to dress up in a costume. All of us. Dogs and all. We have a superhero theme this year for Halloween. The dogs are set to be Batman and Robin.

Fiona Naughton

Fiona is a a travel and parenting blogger from Cork. She has two sons and loves to share their adventures through beautiful photography.

"People find it really strange that myself, my partner and my two boys venture outside at least once a month to capture a family portrait. We bring out the tripod, set it all up and then one of us sets the timer and tries our best to run back and capture a nice family shot before the camera snaps a shot! The kids find it hilarious seeing mum or dad running at high speed and trying to compose ourselves in time for the picture!

We have had people look at us funny when we're trying to capture our snaps, but honestly, the memories we've captured and being able to see how we've all grown as a family through our snaps is worth the embarrassment! I have a blog and love sharing my photography there and on my Instagram, so having lovely outdoor captures of us as a family is really important to me. Other families might find it strange but as a 29 year old with no pictures of me with my my two parents (and I've searched for them!), I think these will be lovely keepsakes for us all in years to come".

Tracey Quinn

Tracey is a writer and lifestyle blogger from Dublin. She has two children and loves exploring with them. She is also the Strategy Director for FFHQ!

“I feel like we have so many habits that other people would be really weirded out by. They are totally normal to us though. Some of my favourite ones relate to travelling. When we go to the airport we always get the little sandwich meal deal in Boots to take on the plane with us. It doesn’t matter how long or short the flight is. It’s tradition! We also have a little midweek tradition whereby at around 4pm each day myself and my son have “tea and treat” while the baby has a nap. It’s our time to catch up, snuggle up together and enjoy something sweet in front of the TV. I hope this tradition sticks around for a long time”.


Tracey Quinn

Proud mum of two who got married on Don't Tell The Bride and had an accidental home-birth (loves a good story). She's passionate about breastfeeding, positive thinking & all things cosy.

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