Exciting Details Of Disneyland's New Frozen Land Revealed

Frozen fans will be able to walk through the streets of Arendelle when a new themed land dedicated to the Frozen movies opens in Disneyland Paris, and we cannot contain our excitement. 

Part of a multi-year expansion at the European resort, the opening of the new zone is expected for the summer of 2023 and will include character encounters, shops with plenty of Frozen-themed merchandise, restaurants and a new reversing log flume attraction, Frozen Ever After. 

Currently under construction, Disney has yet to announce what the brand new attraction will be, but many believe it will include a copy of 'Frozen Ever After', a ride at Disney Epcot Theme Park in Orlando, Florida. 

'Frozen Ever After' commemorates the anniversary of the day, Princess Anna saved her sister Queen Elsa and allows guests to sail off into a winter wonderland on Viking themed boats.

The highly anticipated 'Arendelle: World of Frozen' will be located at Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris and of course, being a coastal town, it will be situated around a lake with magnificent views of the snow-capped mountain landscapes including Elsa's castle. 

According to Thomas Smith, the editorial content director at Disney Parks Blog:

"The Frozen frenzy continues in the coming years with a new themed area dedicated to this beloved story, which is part of the multi-year expansion of the Walt Disney Studios Park."

"As part of the fully immersive land and seen in the new concept art above, guests will see the snow-capped mountain of Arendelle in the distance opposite a magnificent lake, with an attraction that will take them to the centre of the kingdom."

"The area will also include character encounters, a new restaurant and a shop securing a permanent presence of this beloved franchise at Disneyland Paris," he continued.

While we wait for the new Frozen-themed land to open, guests can enjoy two new Frozen attractions at Disneyland Paris including a new parade showing four times a day starring Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven until May 3, 2020. As well as 'Frozen: A Musical Invitation' where guests are invited to play and interact with their favourite characters at the Animation Celebration in Walt Disney Studios. 

And for Marvel and Star Wars fans, Disneyland Paris is also set to receive a new Marvel-themed hotel, an Avengers Campus and Star Wars-themed land alongside multiple new attractions and entertainment experiences


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