Unique Christmas Eve Box Ideas Your Kids Will Love

We've had a look and we've come across some really unique ideas.

Putting together a Christmas eve box or basket has become a really popular tradition for families across the world. The idea is that you put together a little package of things to make the night before Christmas more exciting. Staples like pyjamas, a Christmas themed book and a treat are among some of the most popular offerings. 
This year retailers have made things even easier for parents. All major stores and discount shops are selling various trinkets and ideas aimed at finding a home in our Christmas Eve Boxes. 
We've had a look and we've come across some really unique ideas. Ideas that are a little outside the box and would work really well in a Christmas Eve Box this year if you wanted something a little bit different
  • Play Dough We love the idea of including a festive coloured play-dough for a toddler's Christmas Eve box. It's a nice activity and there is something very exciting about a fresh pot of play-dough. Forget the mess, the house will be destroyed by 7am the next morning. 
  • A Colourful Christmas Cracker We've come across some beautiful Nutcracker varieties which are stunning to look at and we think it would be an exciting thing to do the night before Christmas. They are inexpensive too! 
  • Colouring Activity Set These can be picked up for as little as €1 and they make for some great Christmas Eve winding down after the excitement of the treats 
  • A Bath Bomb I loved this idea. Lush do some gorgeous Christmas themed bath bombs and bubble bars and they smell absolutely amazing. Wouldn't it be nice to make that Christmas Eve bath a little bit special?
  • Home-Made Reindeer Food All you need is some porridge oats, glitter and a little clear sandwich bag to pack it in to. 
  • A Letter From Elf On The Shelf This is an adorable idea. A little farewell letter or note from the Elf that has been terrorising the house for the last 24 days. A bit of a thank you and “see you next year” thing. 
  • “Good List” Certificate I saw a packet of these in the pound shop and thought it was a great idea. A little certificate to confirm that your little one is on the good list and Santa plans to make a visit. 
  • Cookie Cutter A novelty cookie or biscuit cutter to symbolise the Christmas baking that will happen on Christmas Eve. A lovely tradition
  • A festive candle Naturally this one isn't for the kids but they will benefit from the lovely festive smell that fills the house the night before Christmas. 
  • A board game Something the whole family can enjoy together. 

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