Disney's World Princess Week Is All About Spreading Kindness

This is the first-ever year that the movement has taken place - and everyone can get involved.

World Princess Week is taking place all this week from Monday, August 23 to Sunday, August 29. The first week of its kind, it is all about inspiring small acts of kindness and championing the qualities of courage and goodwill wherever you are in the world.

In honour of the first-ever World Princess Week, Disney has pledged to deliver 45,000 princess-themed adventure packs to seriously ill children in hospitals and places of care across the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa. The initiative is in conjunction with charity partner MediCinema, which build and run cinemas in hospitals. The packs contain new stories focusing on Disney Princess characters Rapunzel, Moana and Ariel, as well as arts and crafts activities that help to increase confidence and encourage acts of kindness.

Disney has also partnered up with pop star Anne-Marie and Great British Olympian Katarina Johnson-Thompson for the week. Anne-Marie will host an intimate acoustic performance of some of her chart hits, which will be screened for children in hospital; meanwhile, Katarina Johnson-Thompson will read Moana’s story from Tales of Courage and Kindness – an online story collection featuring 14 brand new Disney Princess stories. The collection is available for children to download for free all this week, just head over to the Disney Princess website (here) to do so.

Research conducted by Disney as part of the Ultimate Princess Celebration shows that nine out of ten UK adults believe small acts of kindness have the power to change the world for the better; while 70 per cent of children say it’s important to always show kindness and almost half would stand up for people who are being bullied or are being treated in an unfair way.

Ways that children felt they could show kindness included comforting family and friends if they are upset; sharing stories; offering to do some chores around the house; and listening to stories from their friends or family.

Every day this World Princess Week, Disney Parks will be showcasing a different Disney Princess which you can read here. Eager fans will be able to learn all about their favourite princesses, including Tiana and Cinderella.

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