Ways You Can Do Your Bit And Get Involved This Daffodil Day

Sadly, each of us in this country will be in some way touched by cancer. Whether its a family member, a friend, a neighbour, or even ourselves, we all know someone who has or has had the disease.

And that's why it's so important to do something - even if it's the smallest of contributions - towards fighting cancer. There are many options you can do if you want to help this Daffodil Day.

Times have been tough for us all over the past year; it's been a real rollercoaster. But giving up a couple hours of your time this weekend, or even donating a few bob, could do wonders for the worthy cause set up by the Irish Cancer Society.

Here are some ways you and your family can get involved this year.

Get Virtual

Right, so we still can't meet up in big groups. But we sure can host a virtual fundraiser. Ideas include a virtual meet up with friends for a chat and a coffee while making a donation; host a yoga class with proceeds going towards the charity; or you can even set up your own dedicated fundraising page. Steps on how you can set up a fundraising portal where your friends and family can donate can be found here.

Get Physical

We're all cooped up inside way too much these days, so it's time to flex those muscles and get active. With the mornings and evenings getting brighter each day, and the weather being mostly dry, why not walk or run all in the name of charity? You could even motivate yourself some more by getting fellow joggers and walkers involved and keeping each other updated with your progress.

Get Shaving (Or Dying!)

If you REALLY want to go the whole hog and change up your looks, then this is a novel way of making a contribution. Every year, thousands of us across the country take out the clippers and shave off our locks to show our support for those who lose their hair while going through cancer treatment. Your Shave or Dye fundraiser will help us to provide free cancer services such as the Cancer Support Line, Remote Counselling and Night Nurses.

Tune Into This Week's Late Late Show

This week's Late Late Show will be a little bit different, with a Daffodil Day special on the cards for viewers. Pop stars Jedward will make an appearance on the show, with the pair of them shaving their iconic quiffs off live on air. Their mother Susanna sadly passed away from cancer in 2019. Shane Filan from Westlife and an army of volunteers will be joining Ryan Tubridy on the night too.

Shop Or Donate

The simplest way you can do your bit is by texting a donation to the Irish Cancer Society. You can text "DAFFODIL" to 50300 to donate €6, with at least €5.40 going towards the charity.

You can always head over to the Daffodil Day website (here) to check out their range of gifts, including the Daffodil Day teddy bear, shopping bags, socks, face masks, and many more.

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