Here's How You Can Do Your Bit For The Children’s National Ambulance Service

One of Ireland’s top-rated online baby, nursery and toy retailers has partnered with children's charity BUMBLEance to raise vial funds for the life-changing service.

It's the beginning of September and also the beginning of the week - so we think there's time for some heartwarming news on today's agenda. Kaliedy, which is a new Irish online baby nursery and toy business, has launched an important partnership with the Children's National Ambulance Service in order to raise much-needed funds for the upkeep of one of the country's most important services.

In case you weren't already aware of the service, BUMBLEance is a seven-vehicle fleet that was launched by the Saoirse Foundation in 2013. The service transports children with rare diseases, cancer and life-limiting conditions to hospitals and hospice appointments all across the country.

Each of the vehicles ensures that the children's journey is as comfortable as possible and are kitted out with WiFi, state-of-the-art entertainment systems and are fully accessible for all. 

Unfortunately, as with every great service out there, the cost of running such an operation is extremely high. For example, an Angel Trip, which is designed for terminally-ill children, costs an average of €400. An average round trip in a BUMBLEance is around 180 kilometres and costs €100 for fuel, while replacing the tyres on the fleet every six months costs almost €5,000. 

Given the enormously high costs, the BUMBLEance charity relies heavily on fundraising and donations from the Irish public to continue their life-changing service for families up and down the country.

The Children’s National Ambulance Service (photographer Arthur Ellis)

In order to help boost donations, customers who visit Kaliedy’s online shop will be able to do their bit for the Children’s National Ambulance Service by purchasing a brand new and unique BEE sensory toy (by clicking here). The BUMBLEance Bee is available to buy for just €10, and all proceeds will go directly to the charity.

Alternatively, if you wish to make a donation directly to the charity, or to find out more information about the service, you can do so by visiting the BUMBLEance website (here).

Heather Rainey, Head of Communications and Fundraising with BUMBLEance said of this new partnership: "We could not be more excited about our partnership with Kaliedy! Their business epitomises our shared values of having a positive impact in the world around us.  

"Their continuous support with fundraising and awareness of our services will be a catalyst for our charity, ensuring we can help as many children in Ireland as possible with their journey through illness. It has been nothing but a pleasure to work alongside Kaliedy as we continue to deliver smiles to Ireland’s youngest patients."

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