Fun Ideas For A Last-Minute Family Day In Ireland This Summer

We hate to admit it, but the summer is nearly over. Before we know it, the kids will be back to school - but that doesn't mean you all can't squeeze in some last-minute family activities!

Nobody wants to see the summer coming to an end, especially not our children. With the weather expected to pick up and gift us some final sunshine as we head into the last week of August, here are some fun family day ideas wherever you are in Ireland.

Water Activities

Have you taken a dip into the sea yet? If not, you better get your swimsuit out and the suncream on before the autumn weather hits in a few weeks time. Taking the family on a trip to the beach is the simplest of ideas, but there are some more water activities you can get up to if you're feeling brave...

There are a number of Aqua Parks with inflatables courses dotted around the country, including ones in Wicklow, Roscommon, Dun Laoghaire and Cork; all you need to do is find the closest one to you. They make for a great time out no matter what your family's water tolerance, and it'll ensure you get a bit of a workout into you too.

Head To The Forest

Taking a walk through a park or forest does wonders for the soul. If you manage to get everyone out the door on time, and bring enough food with you for a picnic, then you've got a lovely day out for everyone on your hands. If you're feeling brave, you could even go camping!

If, however, you're looking for something with a bit more of an adrenaline rush, then take to the trees for a zipline activity. Just like the inflatables, there are a number of stellar zipline and climbing adventures waiting for your family to get stuck into. Depending on where you go, if anyone is afraid of heights, you might be able to try your hand at some other cool activities too. Just give it a Google.

This Is Why I Don

An End Of The Summer Party

What better way to celebrate this summer than one final hurrah in your garden? Whether you keep the guest list strictly to the family in your house or extend the invitation to some close family and friends, it is a great opportunity to get one last use out of the BBQ that's been left untouched for weeks! Go the full hog and get some cute bunting, load your summer playlist onto the speakers, and enjoy a nice, chilled afternoon sitting in the Irish sunlight.

And Just In Case It Rains...

The weather for the end of the summer is expected to be nice - but we all know how reliable our weather is. So, in case a mini hailstorm hits, here's what you could do on your family day in a wet Ireland.

In case you weren't aware EPIC Museum and The Jeanie Johnston in Dublin are offering free entry to children under 16 years of age. You better be quick though, as the offer ends on the last day of August!

Rain or shine, there's always the old reliable cinema experience. We've really missed that glorious popcorn smell and the excitement of picking which snacks to cart into the screen - and there are some lovely new releases for the family this month. Check out the latest family releases here (or if you manage to get a night away from the kids, search the latest non-PG releases here).

Whatever you get up to during the final run of the summer, always remember to be safe and look after one another out there!

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